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  • sana may mag reproduce nito, full size atx

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  • @heidz01

    Last choice mo lang talaga kung ayaw mo mag bottom mounted AIO ay mag custom loop.
  • @heidz

    I have been using a bottom mounted radiator with my Evolv Shift for over two years and its still running fine

    It will probably be fine to run a bottom rad in an NR200 but dont expect the aio to last long, budget replacing it every 2-3 years. I want to replace mine but the Corsair H80i is not available anywhere.

    Or you can do a custom loop with a Barrow pump block; but that would probably cost 12K excluding fans.

    The new MSI liquid AIOs use a pump mounted in the radiator. Based on reviews, the performance is slightly less than Asetek based coolers such by NZXT or Corsair. That should be completely fine being bottom mounted.
  • Ok ba thermals ng nzxt H200?
  • ^
    No problems kung gagamit ka ng beefy CPU tower cooler. Avoid adding front intake fans & mag SFX PSU ka for better GPU thermals.

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  • Meron na ba tayong user na may combo na H200/Inwin A1 Plus with sapphire 5700xt nitro+?
  • Anong pwedeng itx case for sapphire nitro+ 5700xt? preferably yung pwedeng patungan ng PS5. haha
    Wouldn't consider the A1/A1+ kasi gusto kong gamitin yung psu ko.
  • @melmediona

    Lian Li TU-150 if you have an sfx psu
  • Share ko lang,PIIC X1 (it's like sgpc k55) and Sirius T70, both using SFX, together with my M24 using flex (ka size nang k39)

  • Buti nagkasya
  • NZXT Rocket

  • Meron dito naka Ncase M1 using 3700X with AIO. Anong idle temp and load temp niyo? Games or benchmark tools used. Salamat in advance. Gusto ko sana i-check kung tama lang ba nakukuha kong temps sa akin.