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Official Mini-ITX Thread (See Page 1 for Info) - stop naming sellers!

  • Guys,

    Kasya naman po siguro yong Asus EX-A320M Gaming sa Tecare Fusion no?
  • Sale yung Silverstone RVZ01-E and RVZ03 RGB ah.

  • Selling my Metalfish G5 Plus if anyone is interested. Look in my items for pics.
  • PISI-EX?
    Sale yung Silverstone RVZ01-E and RVZ03 RGB ah.
  • Trip ko yung price ng SG03. Mas mahal ng 99 yung sale price.
  • XtraRice san yan sir?

  • My journey into SFF building has been and will always be a marathon with frequent stops and changes, and never a one-stop destination. Since I started building at the onset of the pandemic last year, I have built and set apart several cases (NZXT H210i, InWin A1 plus, Nouvolo Steck) and there is always this little, nagging urge to go smaller and more compact each time I settle with one case, with the Steck being the latest and the longest one I used. I frequent some forums dedicated to SFF building including the local ones and there is this one case that is exceptionally revered: the FormD T1.

    The T1 is definitely one of the most coveted cases in the world of SFF building. However, it's a unicorn that only a handful of users, most even located overseas, were able to catch. The limited supply persists until now and was also hampered by some quality control issues for the previous batches. For months, I meticulously studied its parts compatibility to ensure that I would be able to transplant my system without leaving any part behind.

    Recently, I was able to snag a deal locally with a significant (almost double) markup, but I didn't have second thoughts of buying for an extremely rare case I've been wanting to have for months. After unboxing, it didn't take long for me to realize why this case stands out from all the rest. The case just reeks of premium-ness, both in look and in feel. Most parts are made from CNC aluminum with a good amount of heft to it. It also has configurations both for dual-slot and triple-slot Graphics cards. I took my time to take apart my old build and carefully transplant my components into the T1 for about half a day. Everything just fits like a glove. No amount of forcing, clipping, bending or instrumentation were needed to assemble all my old parts and put them in place. I was lucky that the custom PSU cables I used for my Steck did fit in without extra inconvenient cable length. I was still able to maneuver those excess centimeters into tight spaces and corners. Please allow me to break down each part and give a little review, piece by piece, on the link located below. Feel free to check my review on pcpartpicker out!

    Building small cases is long and is never easy. It takes a tremendous amount of patience, extra effort and quite some dexterity: from acquiring the parts down to cable management. But each time I look at it, I always marvel at the outcome and makes me conclude that everything was worth it. I don't think I will be able to build a system this strong at a smaller size anymore. But the modularity of this case still permits me to upgrade the core components (CPU, GP, Mobo, Cooler) in the future without having to go bigger. The word "Endgame" gets thrown around in PC building a lot, and I guess it's now my turn to say it...for now, heh.
  • @limyar

    Nice build and so lucky to get one, I thought about getting one also and if it wasn't so hard to get I probably would have bought it instead of the Metalfish G5 Plus and then still buy the NCase M1.

    I really love the looks of the NCase M1 but I was curious about sandwich style case and gave one a try.
  • The 2 fans at the top proved to be the difference maker in better thermals. Di ko to naranasan sa Nouvolo Steck. I never thought a sandwich layout could give 35C idle GPU thermals and 45C idle CPU thermals with load Temps hovering on the 60s. If it holds like this under my usual usage, I see no need to shift to liquid cooling anytime soon. Air cooling is way easier to maintain, too.
  • Yup the top exhaust fans give it better thermals. I used a Scythe Shuriken 2 and 2 Arctic P12 but the cutouts on the Metalfish G5 Plus on the side panels are a little restrictive despite how big they are. Maybe due to not being spaced evenly on the whole side that's why I was thinking of the FormD T1 as it has a full mesh side which should be a lot better than the Metalfish.

    I'm running a Ryzen 5 3600 and used CTR to undervolt overclock mine to 4050 on CCX0 and 4025 on CCX1. Will probably re-run it as I've swapped my cooler to a Thermalright Assassin King 120 Mini.

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  • Scythe and Arctic fans are giving Noctua a run for its money. Similar to better performance at a fraction of the cost. I replaced the stock 90mm fan of my Noctua NH-L12 Ghost S1 edition with a Scythe Kaze Flex Slim Fan and it gave me approximately 10c drop in Temps both on idle and under load.
  • Yeah and it's better for us consumers, we have a choice on how much we want to spend for the minimal difference in performance and noise. Most would say Noctua is still the best but you'll be splitting hairs just to see the difference between the 3.
  • @all

    Meron po ba sa inyo nka portable bluetooth speaker sa setup nila?
    Pabulong naman po oh, ang hina kasi ng JVL Go ko eh.

  • Kung kailan may LPX RAM na ako to replace my BSOD Vengeance LED RAMs, tsaka naman ako nawalan ng gana bumili ng Noctua L12S/Ghost edition
  • @Riesig:
    Why? What's the problem?
  • Honestly funds :D
    And ang ganda pa rin ng Wraith cooler ko, it's more secure and lighter kasi palagi ko na bina-byahe yung Cougar QBX ko.
  • ^Madami namang Wraith Prism sa Sh*pee around 1k+ kung gusto mo ng budget top down cooler.
  • Meron NH-L12S sa Mrktplc nakita ko just this week for 2k lang. Sulitin mo pagiging low profile ng LPX. Hehe.
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  • Hello guys. Any Aklla A4 users here? I'm looking for replacement feet. bka may marecommend kyo. thanks

    This is my 3rd itx and 1st sandwich case and looking good so far. Minimalist industrial look type case. Still a work in progress, waiting on heatsink and custom psu cables.