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The Mechanical Keyboard Thread

  • for me best browns for gaming and just right for typing, though satisfying yung feel ng blue but not good in gaming plus the noise, redz are just boring plus the klak klak, orings to the resque
  • @matchachloe
    sanayan lang paps, naka mx speed silvers din ako with K65 rapidfire :D

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  • @BCFreeman
    ilang buwan paps adjustment mo? haha. Kahit galing ako sa MX Browns, sobrang naninibago ako sa Speeds.

    At OA itong Mechs, nakakatukso. Minamata ko naman ngayun yung Halo's. Ganda kasi tunog sa mga videos eh. hahaha

    Browns nga ata ang jack of all trades. Pero kung single ako at sa bahay lang ako nagwork, blues all the way!
  • any alternative to rakk ilis na mx brown switch?
  • ^ CM MasterKeys Pro M, may MX Browns.
  • Browns nga ata ang jack of all trades. Pero kung single ako at sa bahay lang ako nagwork, blues all the way!

    If you get used to the tactility of the blues, ang hirap maka-adjust sa browns. I don't do gaming kasi so i can't say for sure how good browns really are but since i do a lot of typing, blues are the best for me, well, at least until i've tried the navies
  • @matchachloe
    more or less 2 mos. although light-handed/feminine hands ko kaya it may vary sa iba
  • Came from MX Red to MX Brown to MX Blue to now Razer Purple..

    Red and Brown are suited for gaming in my experience..Nagkakaroon ng Double tapping problem ang MXBlue kapag paulit ulit ang pindot mo sa iisang keys..Pero overall mas gusto ko MXBlue/Razer Purple...I love the clickiness..Magisa lang ako sa room ko kaya hindi problem ang noise..

    Share ko lang new keycaps for my Razer Huntsman Elite..SidePrinted Keycaps from

  • I tried a quite a few mechanicals in my lifetime, and for me, Topre switches' actuation feel is the best for typing and gaming, and that feel along with the build quality makes the high price tag worth it. Nakakagana mag type. :) I somehow make less unintended keypresses with them too.
  • ^I'm gonna have to agree with this.... I've tried quite a lot of MX Switches as well - including those that you cannot buy locally. Topre still feels superior compared to them.

    HOWEVER, after using BKE Light domes and lubing the rails with Krytox, stock Topre feels like garbage... i.e. - parang A4Tech na lang for me - both 45g and 55g.
  • ^ interesting, I'll stick with stock domes for now, but maybe I'll consider those BKE domes and Krytox lubes when I feel comfortable or (bored) enough to mod my Topre keyboard.
  • ^Gawin mo na... almost night and day difference... it will ruin your Topre Experience :)

    Yun nga lang, medyo mahirap na ang availability ng BKE Lights these days.

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  • Krytox lubes

    dust magnet lolzz..
  • Finally gave in and bought the Ducky One 2 Skyline kahit di ko pa na test. Halos same feel with the K70, since they both have Cherry MX switches. Quality wise, mukang matibay naman, time will tell kung mag tagal to pero kung yung membrane keyboard ko nga sa office eh 7+ years na eto pa kaya :)). Mabigat, medyo nakaka ilang lang talaga yung nub marks ng keycaps, pero atleast nasa likod sila.

    Sa looks, simple, no RGB (ayoko dahil na iilang ako).

    The only cons I have is yung included cable.. Ang ikli.. And yung nub marks ng keycaps.

    Not bad for the price as well.
  • dust magnet lolzz..

    Hindi rin.... hindi naman exposed. kung mag sand storm siguro dito sa loob ng home office ko, baka sakali. lolzzz.
  • @markvillegas

    Good choice! Ducky is at par with Filco when it comes to quality... hindi hamak na mas maganda ang quality nyan compared to Logitech, Razer and Corsair boards...
  • @markvillegas, 'grats on the ducky paps di ka magsisisi jan. sunod mo na 60% board hehe me available na ke sopbaks na anne pro 2 o hahahaha

    hindi hamak na mas maganda ang quality nyan compared to Logitech, Razer and Corsair boards...

    fully agree with this - brand lang ang binabayaran sa Logitech, Razer and Corsair boards because these companies spend too much of their budgets on marketing instead on R&D to make their boards better
  • ask lang po... kung ano ma-recommend nyo na na mechanical keyboard na may usb pass-through at audio jack na available sa pinas?
  • redragon yama purple, brown equivalent but with higher actuation, may nakapag try na, baka kasi mejo stiff sayang lang, badtrip kasi hyperx alloy puro blue lang, dont need rgb ek ek

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  • Tanong ko lang kung meron bang nakakaalam dito ng replacement na ribbon cable for Corsair K65? Gusto ko sana i-repair tong sirang keyboard. Nagtanong na rin ako sa support ng Corsair kase ayaw nila sabihin specs ng ribbon cable.
  • May nakakaalam po ba na shop na merong binebentang roccat vulcan 120 aimo? pashare naman. TIA.
  • bumalik na yung high profile version nung ALT ni MD. Oks ba yung Halo True or Clear? Or MX parin talaga?
  • already have a logitech g pro tk keyboard but i spotted this at db and picked one up...

    it may become my new FPS weapon of chooice:

    Redragon DITI mech gaming kb

  • nice
  • newbie here.....papano ba mag replace ng broken keycap....1st time ko kasi experience and on my 1st mech kb pa, di naman ako into gaming....meron ba nabibili for a specific key or meron ba repair method nito ?
  • @sethmartin

    wala ka mabibili for specific keys lang. Meron as set.
  • Ano po ba best keyboard for 2k budget only?

    Tecware Phantom pa din po ba?
  • ^

    tecware, rakk kimat, redragon, cdr king (kung meron pa) at ajazz ang pumapasok sa isip ko sa ganyang budget
  • @wakidiaz

    been using Tecware Phantom 104 for 1.5 years and no issues yet, clean simple design and can change switches quickly and easily;
  • I bought a shipadoo jk200 mechanical keyboard. Upon checking it seems like it really is a mechanical keyboard with blue switch, so my question is, Is it outemu blue or kailh or gateron switch?

    Correction. Hybrid Mechanical Keyboard. 'Memchanical' pala.
    SO DON'T BUY the JK200 and Starnex MK1000 IF you're expecting a true mechanical keyboard.

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