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Need Help... Static IP

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  • sticky DHCPs almost the same as static IPs
    they don't change for quite some time unless the system assigns you another one
    how to get them? get admin access and try tinkering with your modem
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  • If your ISP is globe then you're screwed.

    I don't know if they still give a public IP let alone a static IP.

    If your ISP is PLDT well most of the time you get the same IP for days to weeks as long as the modem keeps renewing the lease which is default behavior(bawal off modem).

    is DDNS an option? That's the closest thing you'll get to a static IP in some ways.
  • No way to get Static IP on your internet connection without your ISP consent, you need to register to ISP's ATM that you will be using a Static IP so the ATM will reserve that IP for you. You also cant force a DHCP connection from ISP to get a static IP (eg, manually assigning a IP from common IP subnet that ISP allotted), ATM will just reject your connection.
  • so basically, kylangan ko tlga gumastos for a static IP... huhu...

    thanks sa mga reply nyo mga bossings...

    another thing pa nga poh pla... tatanong ulit ako... hehe... ung VPN poh b is an option for me to have a static IP??

    and kung pwde ung VPN, pwede poh mgtanong kng saan pwd mg avail... thanks poh in advance s mga replies nyo.. :)
  • Guys,

    Any idea for mobile data which has static ip?
  • @raulskie
    malabo yan sa current setup sa atin. kung sa fixed broadband na residential pahirapan na eh.