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**AMD Enthusiast (Anything and Everything about AMD CPU/APU and AMD GPU)

  • PM me if you don't want to play the lottery. :D

    PM sent sir. Just bear with me haha
  • Inggit much sa mga naka Ryzen gusto ko na sana benta tong 5820k+Maximus V ko kaso parang mahirap magbenta ngayon.
  • Panong hindi mahirap, eh Maximus at 5820K di compatible. :D

    Mahirap lang magbenta ng Intel HEDT ngayon.
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  • For those who are wondering and are not into Overclocking:

    Ryzen 1700X at minimum allowed Voltage:

    3200MHz RAM

    Lower than 1.15 and it won't boot into Windows.

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  • wow undervolt <3
  • @Nel_Brino

    Direct X 12 pang Windows 10 Lang.....at parang malapit ng matepok ang DX12 in place of Vulkan API.
  • It's not Undervolted I think. Not sure what is the VID for this chip but that is the lowest I am allowed to go VCore-wise even if it's at 3.4, 3.5 and that 3.6.

    3.7 at 1.175 :D

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  • @AkoSiMus

    Tama ba basa ko sir? You set the vcore to 1.15v, then increased multiplier to get the 3.6Ghz? 1700x is supposed to have a base of 3.4Ghz.

    If that's the case, would it be stable enough for daily use? If yes, then I think sulit na sulit.
  • hello mga bos tatanong ko lang mura na po ba ung a8 7600 kaveri with 8gb hyperfury X na RAM with 500gb HDD and ASROCK FM2A58M-VG3+ R2.0 7 units 55k kasama na ung asus 19inch po...with keyboard and mouse
  • 2nd hand po lahat ng unit galing sa COMSHOP? ala na kasi ako alam sa 2nd price ng apu...wala pang 1 year mga unit mga sir
  • @tordj

    Una kong ginawa, 1.1 Vcore at 3.4 di siya nag boot.
    Then 1.125 failed again.
    1.15 nag boboost pa siya to 3.5.

    Tried 3.6 and yun na. 3.7 semi-stable.

    3.7 at 1.175 Stable na naman.

    Mahal pag per unit.
    Pag 7 units, not sure sa value ng APU na yan.

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  • @Akosimus

    nice undervolt, may comparison ka sa power consumption between undervolt and stock?
  • wala akong Kill-A-Watt

    But to point into it, OC 4100 benchmarking not tripping a 520W with a 980TI Unlimited BIOS.
  • lahat lahat po sa 55k
  • ^^7900 each with monitor? bakit hindi !
    pero, asahan mo na yung wear n tear...

    2nd hand po lahat ng unit galing sa COMSHOP? ala na kasi ako alam sa 2nd price ng apu...wala pang 1 year mga unit mga sir
    Ang Tanong:
    1. ilang taon na yung MGA hardware ?
    *yung motherboard lumang generation na
    asrock fm2a58m-vg3+
    asrock fm2a68m-vg3+
    asrock fm2a78m-dg3+

    2. paano kung 2nd hand na rin yung ibang part ng pc, halimbawa yung motherboard. Ayos lang ba sayo ?
  • ???

    AMD Ryzen forces price cuts to legacy FX and A10 CPUs
    <click here for link>
  • august 2015 nabili unit lahat bago pa sir...wlang pinalitan as in ung binili ganon ganon pa din..

    ung pc di naman nagahasa kasi presentable lahat kea nalugi mali ung tinayuan ng shop....

    asrock fm2a58m-vg3+ yan ung board mga sir