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    I was running an outdate BIOS for my x570 Toma mobo. Wala pang SAM/ReBAR option dun sa stock BIOS nung mobo ko, so SAM wasn't enabled, and I checked that CSM is enabled. Baka dapat reformat ako? Hassle magpalit from green to red. Pag red to green kaya wala issue?

    I updated my BIOS but was too tired to play around and replicate the crashes so natulog na lang ako after haha.

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  • AMD Zen 3D V-Cache Based Ryzen 6000/5000XT CPUs May be Available in December 2021 [Rumor]

    Earlier today, Greymon55 stated that the 3D packaging equipment for Zen 3D already arrived in AMD’s China factories last week, and we may see the consumer version of the technology by the holiday season. Keep in mind that this, by no means, is a confirmation of a late 2021 launch. It just means that the Ryzen 6000/5000 XT parts will land sometime around the holiday season, either during or after Christmas, possibly even in January.

    It’s unclear whether AMD will label Zen 3D as Ryzen 6000 or Ryzen 5000 XT, but one thing is certain. It’ll be compatible with AM4, and we won’t see an entire product stack, just one or two SKUs or three at best. A Ryzen 9 5900XT and 5950XT are my best bets, as the impact of additional L3 cache will be more pronounced with multiple chiplet SKUs.

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  • ^^

    I would love it if they came out with those skews so I can buy the regular 5900x at a cheaper price!!
  • hmm...... AM4 with 3D cache... nice.
  • ^According sa isang local retailer stop na ng production ang Zen 2 para mashift yung production to Zen 3. May chance na mag-slot in na yung 5600G (or even 5300G?)sa 3600 market segment at magkaroon ng Zen 3 price cuts to make way for 5950XT/5900XT/5800XT pero magtataas ng price yung matitirang Zen 2 sa market.

    Wala pa namang rumors ng retail 5300G pero hindi rin malayo yun kung wala na silang production ng 3200G, 3400G, 3500 & 3600. Kung maglalabas man sila malamang Q1 2022 para tapatan yung non-k i5, i7, i9 & i3 Alder Lake.

    Mukhang on schedule rin Intel Alder this November kaya gaganda siguro pricing ng CPU's this Q4 2021.

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