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  • @phoenix11: kinamot ko na Ryzen 7 5800X lel, as expected pumalo 89C Aida64 stress test lol, sa ibang tests mga 80+C on stock settings, will try later tweaking it
  • Stock will have higher temps kasi nasa 1.51V ang default VCore.

    Sadly, kahit liquid metal at water-cooling walang effect sa temps..

    I run [email protected] daily. Temps are within 75 full load.
  • lalo single CCD yung 5800X, kahit ano klaseng cooling mainit talaga unless i tweak. Me nagsabi na i offset mo daw konti cooler mo to upper left dahil andun naipon yung CCD ng 5800X, me kit daw jan pero not sure how effective it is
  • Tried testing ulit with PBO 2 with 5800x. Been testing for 4 hours na with Aida64 and so far, at -28 negative offset, stable sya.
    I've been getting higher scores din sa Cinebench R20, yes its still low at 5.9k+ but its good enough for me. While running R20, according sa Ryzen master, the voltage is around 1.265565v probably due to the negative offset. Still, idle temps are much higher compared to PBO/2 disabled or even with Manual vcore and OC settings, but I'll try and use this for a week kung ok. I guess its understandable since my case is freakin small with glass panel pa so walang masyado hangin.