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  • @phoenix11: kinamot ko na Ryzen 7 5800X lel, as expected pumalo 89C Aida64 stress test lol, sa ibang tests mga 80+C on stock settings, will try later tweaking it
  • Stock will have higher temps kasi nasa 1.51V ang default VCore.

    Sadly, kahit liquid metal at water-cooling walang effect sa temps..

    I run [email protected] daily. Temps are within 75 full load.
  • lalo single CCD yung 5800X, kahit ano klaseng cooling mainit talaga unless i tweak. Me nagsabi na i offset mo daw konti cooler mo to upper left dahil andun naipon yung CCD ng 5800X, me kit daw jan pero not sure how effective it is
  • Tried testing ulit with PBO 2 with 5800x. Been testing for 4 hours na with Aida64 and so far, at -28 negative offset, stable sya.
    I've been getting higher scores din sa Cinebench R20, yes its still low at 5.9k+ but its good enough for me. While running R20, according sa Ryzen master, the voltage is around 1.265565v probably due to the negative offset. Still, idle temps are much higher compared to PBO/2 disabled or even with Manual vcore and OC settings, but I'll try and use this for a week kung ok. I guess its understandable since my case is freakin small with glass panel pa so walang masyado hangin.
  • on my 5800X, tried PBO2 offset 20 on my side, 5-9 Degrees ang binagsak ng temps, pero binabaan ko pa konti PPT para lang mas malamig pa

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  • ^Setting my limits to disabled para 142 na lang PPT is ok na for me, di ko na masyado kinalikot. Pag halimbawa naman ang nakaset is motherboard controlled, default and auto laging nasa 500. Bumababa din kasi score pag pinalitan ko pa yung PPT. Tumaas na naman ang load temps ko to 80c with Aida. But its fine I guess.

    Mas ok pala pag wala akong sensor panel sa pc, mas lalo ako naprapraning pag nakikita ko yung temp spikes.

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  • ^Oo, sinundan ko lang din yung ke Optimum tech, gulat nga din ako kita ko 500W PPT sa Ryzen master since alam ko 142W yung default. Sa mga severe all core workload lang din naman talagang iinit yung CPU on most games, regular workload eh di naman ganun kainit, pero at least boost up to 4.85Ghz single core or minsan momentarily some or all core 4.85Ghz pag light thread workload. sa PS3 emulation and swicth emulation medyo punishing din sa CPU hehe, me time na parang aida64 stress test on some instances.

    On a side note and a warning to some users na bibili Ryzen 5000 series CPUs, hindi nag boot agad nung sinalpak ko 5800X sa MSI Mag B550M mortar, sablay yung UEFI na ni release na dapat supported CPU, so ngayon gamit ko beta UEFI with PBO2 na kalalabas lang2 weeks ago

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  • ^I'm using the WiFi version of that board as well. Lahat naman ng B550 and even X570 needs a bios update before magwork sa 5000 series. Hindi naman sya sablay, the 550 and 570 boards were really meant and launched for 3000 series so obviously during manufacturing it was already preconfigured for 3000 series chips and if you look at the box mismo, it says, "3rd gen ready" only. But vendors/stores should atleast give you the option to update it after buying the board. Either way, the bios flashback feature of the board solves this problem but kinda a hassle and not for the faint of heart especially for newbie users.

    Better yet, if users are going to buy a brand new x570 or b550 board and they don't have an existing 3000 series chip (for b550) and 2000 to 3000 (for x570), either look for one with a bios flashback feature, or ask the store before purchasing if pwede nila iupdate yung bios after purchasing. In my case, I always read the product page first to ensure compatibility since this is my first time switching to an AMD build.
  • allowed ba ito i post dito first time ko mag BSOD yung desktop ko maraming naka open na apps google chrome , epic , gog , epic , ubisoft at rainmeter naka sleep mode ang OS ko yung bubuhayin ko na PC biglang nagkaroon ng screen artifact sa lock theme tapos nag hang ng 10 sec at tumuloy sa desktop then after that mga 20 sec biglang nag BSOD na sya kaka update ko lang ng windows 10 ko last friday yung GPU driver ko ay current version 20.11.2 and then decided to update it to latest

    ano kaya problema nito duda ako baka GPU ko malapit ng masira by the way RX580 ang gamit ko

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  • @AdvaIi: The thing is, im not alone on the UEFI issue on the 5800X (or 5000 series in general) for the B550M Mortar, chineck ko lang sa net habang tina troubleshoot ko meron ako kasabay na me issue.
    Like i mentioned, i was already using the UEFI that supports the Ryzen 5000 series, but upon using that, very buggy yung UEFI and ayaw minsan pa mag boot and bagal ng UI sa UEFI. Sakto me beta bios na nilabas si MSI this month lang and i attempted that (cross fingers) and it worked without issues, and bonus pa na naka enbable na sa bios na yun yung PBO2 curve optimizer

    Also, tried some R23

    PBO2 Curve Optimizer using -20 offset (maybe i can push further)
    Also set to PPT target of 125 to keep things cool
    Only Using Corsair H60 (2018) with push pull Noctua NF-F12 120mm PWM fans and Kryonaut Thermal paste
    Clocks during Multi: 4.55Ghz all core
    Clocks during Single: 4.85Ghz
    Ambient temps of 27-29C
    Multi core temps at 77-81C during the run
    Single core temps at 57-61C during the run
  • ^yeah, by the way, there's another quirk yung board na to. If you turn off the rgb via mystic light, lets say dragon center isn't running tapos nagsleep yung pc mo. After it wakes, mag-oon din yung RGB. Not sure why, kinda annoying since I usually leave the RGB's as off.
  • Good thing i don't use RGB sh*t and dragon center :D
  • Hmm looking forward dito. Mura ang price nya like yun 3600x tray type nga lang.

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  • ^Mind to share the seller sir
  • ^yeah, by the way, there's another quirk yung board na to. If you turn off the rgb via mystic light, lets say dragon center isn't running tapos nagsleep yung pc mo. After it wakes, mag-oon din yung RGB. Not sure why, kinda annoying since I usually leave the RGB's as off.

    I believe your board has a physical switch to disable the RGB. No need to use Dragon Center.
  • ^Yes it does, but I'm on a small form factor custom loop and its placed at the bottom of the motherboard na natatakpan ng radiator so I won't be able to permanently turn it off. And may times na pag picture moments eh kahit once in a blue moon eh gusto ko makita yung ilaw. Already have 2 fixes for this actually.
    1. is after installing dragon center, uninstall cfoss (nakakabagal ng wifi), turn off mystic lights, then turn off all MSI services including mystic light.
    2. I can simply pull the ARGB cable from the splitter at the bottom right of my case.

  • ^^

  • Sorry for my bad english. =)

    ^Mind to share the seller sir

    Pmed you the link of the seller.
  • ^
    sir pa pm din.. thank you!
  • Pm send.
  • Meron na ba TUF 6800 locally?
  • @thanks majorpayne

    sale kay te*hmo*er5 tray type , 5800x 23,500 , 5600x 17500, chinese new year sale

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  • Ayos yan pag lumabas ang OEM 5000 chips.. Sure meron tray available.
  • Yup, yung Ryzen 7 5800 and 5900 hehe
  • @Advali- Nice Rig bro. ano tawag sa lcd mo. hahahaha. geh try ko aida sa temp.
    @techsonoic - ano ba nagfefreeze? app or windows.
    @nixus - game support pa din usapan. sa rtx muna ko dyan.
  • @Viper - congrats. kalikalikot na. hehehe.

    Sa mga naka 5800x try nyo balanced sa windows power. may onting diff ;)
  • Sa mga naka 5800x try nyo balanced sa windows power. may onting diff ;)

    Panong difference? di ko na nakita since once nilagay ko 5800X eh nag uninstall-install ako ryzen master and AMD chipset drivers. Im using Balanced now as default (dati merong option for Ryzen Balanced mode for Ryzen 3000 series)
  • natry nyo din ba sa clock tuner, CTR,
  • hindi pa gumagana CTR sa Ryzen 5000 series, but CTR 2.0 coming by the end of Jan/early feb
  • nag iisip pa ko if worth mg 5600x from 3600 gaming on 1440p with 3070, though may mga nkita na ko benchmark pero paiba iba , eto kasi dilemna ko lage, nanghhnayang pako sa price difference ng 3070 vs 3080, pero kalaunan willing to spend more naman sa procie haha