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  • @6700XT stuttering

    Looks like ndi lang ako. Looks like the thread below marami din. And other cards affected as well (6800/XT)

    <click here for link>
  • @majorpayne nice yes its all the same on ryzen for the best performance full manual is required.

    Micron E you'll be seeing 3800 @ cl 16 standard or good binning 5000+ cl 20
  • I would like to see those 16GB E-Die sticks running at 3800-CL16 and that 5000+ CL 20 sa Ryzen.. lol

    Proof or didn't happen.
  • just on the review link posted by @majorpayne already shows 3800 @ cl 4X16 as for 5000+ go google renoir ram overclocks
  • Anyone na gumagamit pa din ng FX? Hehehe

    Did you OC your RAM? Try mo i-run sa default speed nya. I use to have micro stutters sa old rig ko dahil sa RAM profile.
  • @mapl

    RAM OC'd from 2666-3200. But did a work-around of turning off freesync sa windows, amd software, monitor. After that, wala na issue so I guess driver bug. Pero kung binalik ko ung freesync, ganun nanaman.

    Not sure if ram mismo problema since ung lumang 1060 wala naman issue.

    After some tweaking, 12356 graphics score sa timespy. 2800 max freq, 2150 ram freq.
  • interesting what a bios update can achieve on an old b350 board...

    previous bios w/c supported my old ryzen 5 2400g could not overclock my 16gb gskill ripjaws v ddr4 2800 even slightly (reboots 3x before reverting to 2133) but when i updated bios to support my newly acquired ryzen 3 3300x, it oc'd easily to 3200mhz w/ just a slight voltage increase(+0.25v) for added stability.

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  • ^coz ryzen 3xxx has higher memory freq supp
  • ryzen 3xxx can go all the way to 3800 if lucky but surely 3733
  • If your mems are up to it... hehe!

    will be sticking it out w/ my old ram as i don't want to spend for new mem sticks. happy na nga ako umabot ito ng 3200, kahit papaano may konting idulot na upgrade ang oc.

    although bios option on the board can be set to 3333mhz max (have not tried), it's a rather odd number so i'll settle for 3200

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  • have you identified your ripjaws? my kits are pre ryzen works like any modern samsung b-die
  • @gizmic

    although i am a solid amd diehard since the the K5 era, im an old dude who is not quite up to speed w/ u amdroids as i don't get half the terms u are using hehe...

    here is my ram:

    QVL is for intel cpu's so i prob made the wrong purchase at the time lol

    am running it at 3200 cl16-16-16-35 @1.275v
    mobo is a so-so asrock ab350 pro4

    at default voltage of 1.25v, i had random cold boot issues although if it did post properly, stability was ok. w/ the added 0.25v, cold boot problems dissappeared completely

    am not too keen on oc'ing the cpu as it's almost always running at 4.35 ghz boost when playing.

    FYI my definition of stable is playing warzone 5 hours straight lol

    is it any good for use w/ amd setups?

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  • Anyone na gumagamit pa din ng FX? Hehehe

    me.... pero kelangan ko ilipat sa backup work PC ko dahil lalagyan ko ng ryzen 3 1200 yung kinalalagyan ng FX ngayon. ipon lang para sa matinong A320M pede ko na palitan ng laman loob siya.

    is it any good for use w/ amd setups?

    3300X? its good enough for most games..... nalaro ko nga yung The Division dati gamit yung 1200 ko natapos ko pa.... Mas mabilis di hamak ang 3300X sa R3 1200 kahit oced pa dahil sa single core boost clocks niya.
  • @redwing, i mean the ram

    wondering if it will make any diff if i try to run it at the max the mobo will allow w/c is ddr4 3333?

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  • @redwing, i mean the ram

    wondering if it will make any diff if i try to run it at the max the mobo will allow w/c is ddr4 3333?

    its good enough for as long as you are able to get running at its rated speed. running it beyond that is sabaw but may not give any noticeable change in gaming but who knows... me running my Team Xtreem RGB 3600-18 rams at 3666 I see no change in gaming. ryzen 3600 is running all core oced to 4.35Ghz.
  • @dino use thaiphoon burner to identify them it will tell you what ICs are used and it will mostly determine timing characteristics and clocks
  • ok tnx

    <click here for link>

    as per thaiphoon they are hynix b-die... not that great from what i've searched so ok na rin that they are stable @3200 hehe

    tnx again for the help

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  • Anyone tried manual PBO limits for their 5800x?
  • warhol... >.<

    AMD Ryzen 6000 ‘Warhol Zen 3+’ CPUs Reportedly Cancelled, Red Team To Focus on 7nm Ryzen 5000 XT Refresh & 5nm Raphael Zen 4 Chips Instead

    <click here for link>
  • Any user of MSI B550 Gaming Carbon?

    Gusto ko mag try ng ibang brand ng motherboard.
  • @5900X/5950X

    Anyone have any luck finding non-grey market ones, besides ordering abroad? Ideally no bundle. Other shops I've checked puro out of stock, bundle-only, or grey market.
  • ^
    kakacheck ko lang meron sa ratsada 5900X @40.6k (not bundle), 1 item left from "madaling pc"

    mukhang local unit naman siya
  • Hmm. Tanungin ko sila.

    Sa presyo ng gamit ngayon, mahirap na pag grey warranty eh.
  • tinignan ko uli sa s*o*p*e yung bentahan ng 5900x.... meron pero not sure kung grey market, at least local shops.... wag ka bibili sa mga chinese sellers mas nakakatakot yan.

    yung nabili kong 3600 may 3 year warranty sa AMD Phils so sure ako na local ito...saka sabi din ni seller na local stocks sila kumukuha ayaw din nila sa grey market. shp ko nabili CPU ko.
  • ^
    Hindi naman mahirap magpawarranty sa AMD kapag boxed processor kahit hindi locally purchased. Done it myself a couple of times. Mas preferred ko sa labas ng pinas dahil so far 3 na 5900x na local units puros basura nakukuha ko, whereas the one (boxed) I got from a seller from L****a na pinahandpick ko yung batch is a golden 1. 5800x boxed processor to be exact.

    Mas ok pa bumili minsan sa mga chinese sa L****a at mabait at entertaining sila, unlike yung iba dito, susme, brand new daw na processor pero open box tapos personnal warranty for the same SRP price.

    Seems yung XT refresh na lang abangan ko at para cherry/binned samples makuha ko, hirap humanap ng high clocking/high IF na chip, lahat basura.

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  • How can you say that your 5900X is golden?

    OC ba or PBO capabilities?
  • the term is coined from CTR after diagnostics
  • golden samples go back to the earliest days of processor overclocking.....

    The processors that overclock higher than the average for the brand is termed a golden sample.... some are binned that way, some are released to the market and some just pass through the testing without the testers knowing or caring.

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  • matanong ko lang..... ano mga nilalabas na values ng CTR 2.0 pag golden sample yung processor na tinesting niyo?

    example sa 3600 non X?

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