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  • who are the authorized distributors/resellers of AMD processors here in the Philippines?

    I'm planning to buy and browsing some pricelists and online shops, and found this:

    grey market means?
  • @konochi
    grey market means not official AMD warranty. as the post says, store warranty.
  • @konochi

    bought a 12700k(tray only) from PCHub for 19k php and it's working flawlessly and bought it about 8 months ago

    from my experience CPU is the most durable part of a PC and it will either give you problems(e.g. faulty memory controller, dead cpu, etc.) or it will just work 100%
  • @konochi

    get the 5600x sa shp33 mall, abangan mo may electronic sale, hindi gray units dun sa isang specific seller and lalabas nasa 10.8k-11k lang din.
  • ^

    Ung Ryzen 9 na nabili ko sa E**yPC, official warranty. As per them (and ung ibang mga nabasa ko) pag may PH flag holo sticker (will edit this post later), more likely na official PH stocks yan.
  • AMD made official price cuts on their rx 6000 series gpus. Main attraction is the rx 6600 for 239usd. Hopefully magreflect sa local retailers yung pricing na to. Pero di masyado ramdam dahil sa inflation. :)))

    <click here for link>
  • ^
    Bought my rx 6600xt for 550 during the gpu apocalypse. I feel such a sucker now.
  • Bought my rx 6600xt for 550 during the gpu apocalypse. I feel such a sucker now.

    bruh! i bought my 6800 non XT 10 months ago for 1200 lol now sitting on my desk doing nothing. using EVGA 3080 ftw3 ultra got it MSRP
  • thanks for answers!

    pa-pm me san mura ang Ryzen 5 5600G (bawal yata ipost sa forum ung mga merchant names).
    I checked PC Corner site, sa price list nila 9498,
    pero nung nagtanong ako thru fb, 11395.
    probably, tray and no heatsink siguro ung price na nasa site nila.

    I'm going for a big leap here.
    been a while since I build my PC.
    my last build was a decade ago with my Q9650+DDR2, which I'm still using 'til now :)
    Balik loob now sa AMD since my first build was an AMD Duron.
    (AMD Duron >> Intel Q9650 >> R5 5600g)

    planning to go for R5 5600G + MSI B550-A Pro
  • ^ Search Sh*pee/L*zada with 4 stars & above filter. Approximately 9k after 10% voucher or maghintay ka pa ng 10.10 kung may extra discount. Ph warranty na boxed w/ receipt usually yung stores na lilitaw diyan, check mo nalang reviews.

    I don't recommend buying from PCH*b & Dyn*quest through Sh*pee/L*zada, separate yung RMA process from their physical stores and sobrang hassle.

    May fine print pa na kadalasan sobrang iksi lang ng warranty pa sa PCH*b L*zada kahit sa expensive GPU's so be careful, mas okay pang sa physical store nalang.
  • for Ryzen 5 5600G - worth it ba to get an B550 board, or B450 would suffice?
  • For me B450.

    Wala naman PCIE4 support ang 5600G kaya b450 ka na lang unless may plan ka magupgrade ng processor to the like of 5800x3d then mag b550 ka to get PCIE4 support. Be reminded dead end platform na ang AM4.
  • MSI RX 6650 XT @ sub $300 after rebate. Will this still go lower in the next few weeks? Abang abang
  • Just snagged a used (non-mined on) RX 5700 XT for 13k Php. My goodness. The past 2 years have been a nightmare for GPU prices but now I got a sweet deal. I know prices could still go down for the 6000 cards but I couldn't risk it and pass up on the upgrade.

    Good luck sa lahat na balak pa mag upgrade and still waiting. Hopefully my new card will last at least 3-5 more years.

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  • Good luck sa lahat na balak pa mag upgrade and still waiting. Hopefully my new card will last at least 3-5 more years.

    nakikita ko sa FB marketplace 16K+ ang presyo ng 5700XT... so pede na rin. swerte mo dyan.
  • ^

    Buti na lang bumababa presyo. Napabili ako nung height ng pandemic eh. Hapdi ng 70k para sa 6900XT Aorus Master

    Happy naman sa performance sa 4K lalo na kung may FSR support ung laro (buti si idol Spiderman meron)

  • yan na silaaaaa
  • Grabe Mamaw ung 7950X sa multicore. Even beats my TR 3960X @ 4.1ghz.

    Still debating if I will just upgrade my 12900K to 13900K and keep my Z690 Motherboard or change Motherboard and CPU to AM5. Mukhang wala pang HEDT lalabas both sa Intel and AMD.

  • Lakas ng 7600X

  • Ang wild, direcho si Roman sa delid!

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  • ^Magandang makita yung CPU cooler/PPT limit scaling, malaki din savings from a 360 or 420mm AIO for a midrange 7600x build.

    240mm AIO(or better) for 7950x/7900x & tower cooler for 7700x/7600x lang ang recommended ng AMD while115 °C yung target thermals for manual OC.
  • @Basco_Ta_Jolokia

    Lol. I remembered when I still had my AMD R9 290 GPU @95C at 90-100% util with blower cooler 8yrs ago. I e-mailed AMD about it, and they replied to not worry about it because the temp is normal. My room is without AC (Baguio), so you can imagine the high ambient temps when gaming that makes me sweat always xD. After a month I decided to replace its stock cooler with an aftermarket one that made the temp drop to 75C max.
  • Sinu dyan ang may plan mag early adopter ng AM5? Abang ako ng personal reviews nyu.
  • wala pang official pricing satin am5 no?
    magkano kaya aabutin build nito
    16gb ddr5
  • ^ abang mode for am5 builders. we thank you for your service <3
  • I'm skipping AM5 7000 series and just go for 5800X3D for gaming. Bbye Ryzen 5 5600X.
  • Fist time AM5 builders will have a panic attack on first boot as it will cycle for 6 times or more. Apparently that is when the system auto optimizes the RAM timings. Jayz thyought he had a broken system but it's normal behavior for the platform.
  • Me review na ba na nag curve optimiser or eco mode na ba sa mga 7000 cpus? Would be interesting to see how it fares
  • @BCFreeman

    natutukso ako sa 7950x productivity pero aray ko new mobo new ram pati isa pang electric fan para sa kwarto kailangan

    Tas to follow pa yung mga 3d vcache versions (early next year?)