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  • Hi to all,

    I would like to share the firewall that I discover. It is Nethserver:

    What is NethServer

    - NethServer is an operating system for Linux enthusiasts, designed for small offices and medium enterprises.
    - Extremely modular and feature-rich: MailServer and Filter, WebServer, Groupware, Firewall, Web Filter, IPS/IDS, VPN and more.
    - Powerful web interface that simplifies common administration tasks, very easy/fast installation and a lot of pre-configured modules installable with a “single click”
    - Based on CentOS/RHEL, a widespread and popular server distribution, trusted by routine security updates, and rock solid stability.
    - 100% OpenSource, powered by contributors and fueled by community. Transparent with open communication channels and well documented.

    For more information you can visit their website:
  • hi eliezerga1980,

    Yes, I've been trying it for almost a year now. Lively community (<click here for link>) BTW. Its a security appliance with some small business/office features. Surely, it will also serve enterprises greatly.

    Going through their forums, you can see that a lot is placing it in their production environment. I, on the otherhand, can't deploy it as we have existing infrastructure which the management won't like it to be changed presently. But I can still see it handy in some ways (in the future if I they agree to change the infra).

    Based on my testing, it does its job pretty well. I've tried to enable its security features, email/SOGo, backup and restore, https filtering...and a whole lot more. And that's not all about it, I'm pretty much a GUI guy coming from Windows backgroud. While I have some Linux exp., they're quite basic stuff and still consider myself a newbie.

    Have you heard about ClearOS, Zentyal, Untangle, etc.? Each have their own strengths, tried all of those (in the past...different versions), but for me, its like those but better. There have been some users which came from those distributions and liked NethServer.

    Don't just take my word for it, take it for a spin. Ask community for support if ever you find your self on the dead end and do not forget to request for features, who knows, it might already been requested or considered for integration. In anyways, your queries will be replied upon.

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  • Nethserver 7 is now available.
    Share your experience.

    <click here for link>