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NVIDIA Pascal: GeForce 1000 Series

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  • Hmmmm... the hype is real haha

  • Good Evening!

    San po pwde mag parepair ng GPU no display ang 1060 ko :( pa PM po kung saan pwde
  • Noob Question: simula nung nag 1660 Super ako, nag on/off lagi yung 2nd monitor ko... bakit ganun.. bago naman ako nag install ng driver, nag DDU muna ako para maalis yung previous AMD drivers ko.. Windows 10 Pro OS ko.

    dati kasi naka HD 6770 Toxic lang ako, recently lang ako nag 1660 super..

    Pa Help naman..
  • Budget gaming question. Currently on i5 9100 16gb ram, 1050Ti, 1080p monitor.

    Which should i choose? 1060, 1650 Super, or 1660? (nothing more, can only budget for a 1660 as a maximum). Mostly CoD games, but upgrading because of MS Flight Sim 2020. Thanks!

    Edit: goal is bang for the buck budget VC, with *some* future proofing (~12 months), and should be able to play flight sim 2020 at 1080p, high or maybe ultra if capable (happy with 30-60 fps). Also, based on reviews, performance difference is marginal in some cases, so will the price difference between the 3 be enough to justify the gains/difference? If I choose the 1650 super, am losing out on anything vs the 1660? (1060 is the cheapest kasi oldest sya and 2nd hand, yun lang).

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  • NVM....found out there's a 1660 Super. Got a Palit 1660 Super GamingPro earlier. Sayang ubos ang OC version.

  • Good day! Guys currently still using my 1060 playing only at 1080p. Plan to upgrade soon. Planning to buy a monitor 1440p and set it for now to 1080p? While still using 1060. Your thoughts please.... Tia
  • 500$ ang 3070 na mas malakas pa daw sa 2080ti. Parang gusto ko nang palitan 1080ti ko
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    500$ ang 3070 na mas malakas pa daw sa 2080ti. Parang gusto ko nang palitan 1080ti ko.

    I'm on the same boat, maybe isabay ko na rin sa pag upgrade ng CPU ko haha
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    Problema lang mahihirapan akong ibenta 1080ti ko dahil sa baba ng price ng 3070. Bili ko sa evga ftw3 1080ti ko almost 800$.

    Well at least bumaba gpu ng nvidia but let see yung after market na 3000 series. But yung 3090 ang mahal
  • With the current price point of some rtx 2000 series cards, and the stunt that asus pulled where they cut down as much as 20k plus on their 2080 super cards, (a bit faster than a 1080ti) and the current trend going along.

    I think the rtx 2080ti could go as much as 30k or lower. since its counterpart is priced around 25k if with shipping and the "Filipino fee" it could be as much as 30k or around 33k.

    kaya i think a 1080ti priced for 25k or 17k isnt that worth it anymore if there are newer cards that can natively support rtx and it becomes cheaper.

    kaya i suggest its really a great year for upgrading (the current pascal owners) to an rtx 3000 series. since on paper its a really good price to perfomance ratio than the rtx2000 series cards.
  • Buti na lang nabenta ko agad yung Two 2080Ti's ko.

    I went with 1050Ti for now. So Cute.

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    Lol sobrang downgrade hehe. But soon ano plano mo 2x 3090?
  • Thinking of 3090 SLI. Pero depende pa. Will check the benchmark muna. 3090 is very expensive.
  • Is there any reason to go for a used gtx 1060 ? The price I found in tpc is around 8.5k which is similar to a brand new gtx 1650 super which is faster on most reviews I found.
  • ^most game now can maximize 6gb at 1080p.
  • pamana ko sa anak ko yung 1080ti ftw ko ahaha!

    upgrade from Vega 8 ng 2200G LOL!

    mas interested ako sa raw and dlss performance ng 3000 series, dumadami na rtx games pero di pa rin cya masyado gamit eh.

    improvements in ray tracing is welcome, pero not applicable sa lahat ng games. there is no such thing as "future proof" pag dating sa pc hardware.. ginamit na yang term na yan sa 1080ti, 2080ti, and even older models..
  • Nah man a used 1060 6gb can go around for 8k or 7500 nowadays, lucky if u get 7k flat. But if you can wait for a bit longer they will go down in prices too. its gonna be an octoberfest for graphics cards with amd releasing theirs in october.

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  • got 1060 @ 5k Zotac