magtanong lang po. planning to buy Nvidia shield on amazon:
1) paano bumili from amazon to be shipped to philippines (outside Manila)
2) is it safe to use debit card?
3) paano pag temporarily out of stock? current price kasi is $169, pag nag order ba today un na price na babayaran ko?
4) is it worth it if hindi maganda net ko? (nvidia gamestream) (old plan, 2mbps, 5gb/day)?
5) is it worth it for emlation up to ppsspp? or may mabibiling android box na mas mura na capable up to psp emulation?

Thank you.

1. gagawa ka ng account sa amazon and i do not advise direct shipping to philippines, for me i use a 3rd party courier like lbc shippingcart or myshoppingbox
2. i do not know about debit cards but for me i use my citibank visa credit card and globe amex virtual card
3. pag nag order today at meron stock e yun ang babayaran mo plus state tax if applicable
4. hindi worth it kung less than 20 mbps kung mag nvidia online gamestream ka, pero kung local gamestream like steam games on pc to play on shield tv e ok naman
5 ok na ok ito for emulation, pero kung nagtitipid ka you better get a mibox which also do the same job at a cheaper price point