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Nvidia Shield TV owners thread

  • ^yes i know its not working with netflix.
    I'm using it for pluto tv and sling tv.
    I using NordVpn if Getflix is down.
  • Wow may native app na ang Iflix sa nvidia shield tv ko dati ni sisideload ko lang ito Now supported na ng Google play store within the shield tv

  • anyone tried using their PS4 wired controller sa Shield TV? Nawawala kasi sound ko pag nakakabit ung controller via USB. Pag bluetooth naman meron sound pero sobrang lag ng response. I'm thinking of performing a factory reset..
  • ^ try to clear cache, Yung spmc ko naging sobra bagal ginawa ko ibinalik ko sa Internal memory from external micro sd
  • Got a Dual Xeon desktop with GTX 660 .. but most of the time I'm using MOonlight
  • @o0adonis0o,

    Sir, my NVSTV has a new issue. It can connect with my router but says "no internet," and I cannot connect with the internet. I am using wifi by the way. All my other devises (phones, smart TV) can connect via wifi. What could be the issue? How could I remedy this? If I do factory reset, how may minutes should it take. Mine is the 16gb version....
  • ^ can you try switching first to wired Internet if it would work, and if you have phone with Internet you could connect to that with WiFi to isolate the problem

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  • LAN Connection is not quite an option since my NVSTV is 5 meters far from my router and the wire would cross some passage ways.... I will try my Smart pocket wifi instead.... thanks for the suggestion on isolating the problem...
  • When I went home to resolve the issue, my NVSTV resolved the issue by itself....
  • ^ good to hear your problem is now resolved
  • kailangan pa ba ng VPN sa TV shield? anong recommend VPN service?
  • ^ not necessarily, but it would be better if meron, out of the box vpn na available sa shield ay yung vpn unlimited, you can also try other vpn but that would already be needed on the router itself
  • may local seller po ba ng nvidia shield tv dito sa pinas or amazon lang talaga option? ty