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Formula 1 2017 season

  • Vettel will take his 5th turbocharger
  • Race result

  • Vettel strolled on slow down lap
  • Ferrari can't afford to have more bad luck, but still on the in-lap Vettel was Stroll'd (formerly Maldonado'd). Surely a gearbox penalty in Suzuka which will cost them 5 place grid drop. 2 race in succession where Ferrari were in a race winning position but was thrown away.
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    alonso throwing shade...LOL
  • "Hulkenberg is right" -Alonso
  • A better view of that Sepang cooldown lap between Stroll and Vettel

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  • From last week

  • That's 2017 done and dusted. Congratulations to World Champion-elect Lewis Hamilton. I wanna say that's it's gonna be more exciting with Sebastian nothing to lose and going for broke in the remaining races but I'm doubtful the car would hold. Red Bull might give a stiffer challenge but the Renault engines won't hold a candle to the Mercedes grunt.

    Anyone got Ferrari's address? I wanna send them a box of spark plugs.

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  • Those employees who were fired by Ferrari, they have a new employer.

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  • Tahimik dito

    Alonso for Mclaren in 2018

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  • 3am mamaya start ng main race??
  • 3.30....puyatan to the max or very early bird
  • yung replay is 8.30 am.......baka dun na lang ako :P
  • Congrats Mercedes AMG Petronas for winning the 2017 WCC!!! Woohoo! That's one in the bag!
  • buti di ako nagtiyaga magpuyat or matulog/gumising ng maaga..........madidismaya lang ako :P
  • ako rin hindi nagpuyat para manood. hinintay ko nalang resulta para sa WCC. hehe. madidismaya ka talaga. nagretire nanaman si alonso sa race eh.
  • nanalo pa si gap man ;P dobol black eye
  • ganun talaga. pinabayaan ni Vettel eh. leading na, binigay pa.
  • back to back gp's pala.......mexico free practice mamaya.
  • himala walang nagcelebrate ng pole si Vettel dito. nawala na fans ng ferrari ah.

    P1 Vettel
    P2 Verstappen
    P3 Hamilton
  • race prediction.........P1 sebbo, dnf gap man.
  • Number 4 for 44!
  • arrrgghhhhh!!!!

    never say never, never say least tapos na ngaun.

    last 2 races > alonso win then verstappen :P
  • when max is beside seb, seb cracks under pressure.
  • Hamilton: Fourth title 'doesn't feel real'

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  • sa tagalog. hindi kapanipaniwalang nanalo sya.
  • Hehe..ngayon na lang ulit nakapag online dito.
  • anyare? nanalo si seb ah.......interlagos