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Formula 1 2017 season

  • Yun brake "steer" system ng McLaren noong 1998. Hehe.

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  • Kung nagagawa yan noon,pwede rin may gumagawa nyan ngayon na mas hi-tech.Pwedeng Mercedez,RBR,Ferrari and the rest.
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  • ok lang yan.....create a breakaway club :D call it gp1 club
  • :D
  • Remember A1GP? :D
  • Hungary tire allocation

  • Somewhat OT but could have implications for Mercedes F1 team. I wonder how this will affect the Mercedes F1 team?

    Daimler is alleged to have sold over a million cars in Europe and the US containing engines rigged to cheat emissions tests. German authorities raided several locations associated with the automaker back in May.

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    Audi pulled out its Le Mans program due to the emissions scandal.

    The choice to pull out of global endurance racing reportedly stems from the budget cuts circling the Volkswagen Group following the eruption of the Dieselgate emissions cheating scandal.

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    Of course, Audi is from a different parent company (Volkswagen group), and Mercedes is still winning anyway but the Volkswagen group were fined $25.8 billion and IF the Daimler group suffers the same fate and fine/s from lawsuit/s then I believe it will have an effect on the F1 team as well.
  • Halo confirmed for 2018

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  • Hamilton-Verstappen Ferrari 2019 if Vettel doesn't sign the new contract
  • Laki ng offer kay Vettel ng Ferrari kala ko $1M per year,hehe...