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Formula 1 2017 season

  • rai out
    ver out
    vet out

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  • huhuhu..pareho pa na out.
  • go HAM and RIC!
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  • Nakita ko lang.

  • Sa simula pa lang bilis na ng Mercz.
  • Race result

  • This is where Sebastian lost the title...
  • I may have to agree with that.
  • Mercs were slow actually. It's the line were Ricciardo is missing. His racing lines were gone because of the wet patches on different areas of the track. He is limited to attack Hamilton. Even after restart, he can't pounce to turns 1, 2 and 3. When it's in the DRS, Hamilton is already a second faster.

    Clearly Hamilton is still to beat on wet tracks. Monza quali is the other one this year
  • Gearbox problem daw si Ricci sabi ni Horner but Ricciardo does not think it would have mattered anyway.

    “Even before the first safety car, we could see were losing an awful lot of oil pressure in the gearbox," Horner told Sky Sports F1. "So we were thinking, ‘crikey, this is only going to go to half-distance'.

    “So Daniel had instructions to start managing that, and he had to sacrifice laptime from doing that. He did that incredibly well, and managed to nurse the car home for almost another hour and a half.”

    For his part, Ricciardo insisted having to manage the gearbox did not play a major role in the outcome.

    “Ultimately it didn’t change shape of race," he said. "That wasn’t reason we were second and not first.”

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  • No it won't matter. Valterri is also struggling in his rear tyres, he can't overtake Ricciardo. He is also not as good as Hamilton driving in the wet
  • sad.......buti na lang di ako ferrari fan

  • lumayo lamang ni Ham kay Vet,lumapit lumanag ni Vet kay Bottas.Ano kaya reaksyin ni Lolo Marchionne sa nangyari?
  • ala wrong timing ngaun pa minalas/nagkamali si seb, kayang kaya naman siguro niya ipanalo yung race kagabi.

    instead of leading the championship by a few points (assuming his rival finished 2nd), 28 points pa tuloy hahabulin niya.
  • last year nangyari din ito kila ham at nico,pero mas matindi ito bagong f1 record.Di nag iisip si Vet okey lang maunahan sana sya ni max wag lang ng mercz kagabi sa race.
  • Hamilton just wants to start the race yesterday fast. That's how he knows he has a chance of grabbing points last night. Vettel didn't think smart and covered his bad start off the line by covering Verstappen.

    Vettel is already the favorite to win last night but he blew it.
  • Smart move!

    Mercedes used PU02 in SingaporeGP which the PU back in Spain (Hamilton) and Bottas (Monaco)
  • ala na mukhang 4th wdc na kay gapman......i would be surprised if not shocked kung masilat pa siya ni sebbo.
  • 6 races to go. anything can happen
  • Nakakawalang gana, yun nangyari kagabi parang amatuer at nakakahiya.
  • ^Nangyari na rin kay Shumi yan. Ang matindi dun he was leading the race for the majority of it and then suddenly hit a back marker. Pero mas matindi ulan nun.
  • ^ Yun ba yung uupakan dapat ni Schumi si DC? Wahahaha.
  • Spa 98?
  • Oo wahaha
  • mapanuod nga,anong year po at saan track?
  • Siguro napatambling si Marchionne nun mapanuod nya nangyari sa Ferraris. :)
  • Ferrari going aggressive at the Malaysia GP F1nale

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  • Yun ba yung uupakan dapat ni Schumi si DC? Wahahaha.

    Yun nga ata yun. Tumatak sa kin kse sobrang petiks si Shumi dun then suddenly nabangga siya. Talagang wtf moment niya yun lol.
  • PU component usage after Singapore