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Ryzen, AMD's new and better return to the consumer CPU world!

  • Really a great value CPU^
  • Solid yang ryzen dram calculator!! Naka kingston 2x4gb 2133mhzcl14 micron b-die ako.

    Pag ginamit ko yung asrock rams settings to 3200mhz ang timings is around cl22-24-24 something pero using ryzen dram calculator kaya ng 3200mhzcl16.

    Much better yan I think kaysa sa bios auto settings since pdeng mas mababa timings na lumabas.
  • @sleepygeepy

    Yun nga, been scouring for compact cases. Kaso yung mga gusto parang wala na sa market, like corsair 400c.
  • @seanok
    Yun nga, been scouring for compact cases. Kaso yung mga gusto parang wala na sa market, like corsair 400c.

    In terms of volume, here are some of the compact ATX cases available. Sinama ko din yung Corsair Carbide 400C para may point of reference...

    35.41 liters = Tecware Nexus C
    36.85 liters = Fractal Meshify C
    37.22 liters = Fractal Define C
    39.10 liters = NZXT H510
    42.22 liters = InWin 103
    42.40 liters = Corsair Carbide 400C
    47.25 liters = Cooler Master NR600

    Yung Tecware Nexus C is surprisingly very compact for a budget case. Pero for good airflow yung favorite would be Fractal Design Meshify C and Cooler Master NR600 siguro.

    Ok pa naman ang Micro-ATX in terms of case selection... disappointing lang talaga mga Micro-ATX motherboards ngayon. Sana may maglabas ng X570 or B550 motherboard with WiFi na Micro-ATX na kaya ng VRM ang Ryzen 7 3800X :-)

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  • @sleepygeepy

    What I liked about carbide 400c (though "outdated" na) is yung PSU shroud ay removable. Could care less about TG.
  • Ano mas better? Gusto ko sana sa lazada pero mahirap yata warranty.

    MSi B450 toma max +r5 2600 = 13k mall price
    GigaB450 pro + r5 2600 = 12.5k Lazada
  • @catwar20

    I would go with MSI B450 Tomahawk Max para Ryzen 3000 ready na yung motherboard.
  • Wala na bang problema mga sizes ng BIOS nyan?
  • ^ wala na.
  • Wala na bang problema mga sizes ng BIOS nyan?

    Malalaman natin pagdating ng Ryzen 4000 series hehe! But for Ryzen 3000 series and below, enough na yata ang 256Mbit BIOS chip.
  • Nagkakaproblema kasi ata pag nagdagdag ng i-support na cpu sa motherboard. Tingin ko dapat i-drop na yung sa B450 yung support sa 1st gen ryzen, to give way sa newer generation.
  • Silicon Lottery statistics for Ryzen 3000 now available...

    <click here for link>
  • Rumor: More non-X Ryzen 3000 CPU's on the way...

    Ryzen 9 3950
    - 16-cores / 32-threads
    - 3.3 GHz - 4.3 GHz
    - 72MB L2 + L3
    - 105W TDP

    Ryzen 9 3900
    - 12-cores / 24-threads
    - 3.1 GHz - 4.2 GHz
    - 70MB L2 + L3
    - 65W TDP

    <click here for link>
    <click here for link>

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  • using 3600 with stock cooler... idle around 41c and full load around 69c... taas ng temps pero very silent yung cpu fan
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  • ^yep, normal yan. best thing to do is gammaxx 400 for lower temps and better boosting
  • yep, normal yan. best thing to do is gammaxx 400 for lower temps and better boosting

    Nag install ako kagabi nito nilipat ko from g4560 to r5 2600 ang hirap.
  • Mga boss, kamusta ang temps ng Steel Legend VRM? Di ba sobrang init?
  • Setting realistic expectations...

  • ^
    don't care much about single core boost... my 3700x goes to 4.375 single core boost with no tweaking all stock...

    when gaming, all core boost goes to 4.3 to 4.35

    no regrets!
  • ^
    I'm probably skipping Ryzen 3000 unless they sell it for very cheap hehe. Hopefully the Ryzen 4000 series will be a lot better in terms of clock speed and overclocking headroom.

    I already made the mistake of buying Ryzen 5 1600X thinking it will reach 4.0GHz all-core with a mild overclock. Don't want to do the same mistake twice :-)
  • ^ Same. Hindi na muna ako mag uupgrade ng cpu.
  • Intel pa rin.
  • ^ Ok din naman AMD ngayon pero di nila kaya siguro gawin yung ilang years na paghahari ng Intel.

    Good thing medyo maganda ang laban ngayon madaming choice ang consumers.
  • Sarap nyan next year grabe tiyaga muna sa AMD FX...hehehe
  • Informative article from Tomshardware regarding boost clocks and reliability on Ryzen...

    Too Hot to Last? Investigating Intel's Claims About Ryzen Reliability
    <click here for link>
  • Ryzen Community Update: BIOS Updates for Boost and Idle, Plus a New SDK
    <click here for link>
    "Starting with our commitment to provide you an update on processor boost, our analysis indicates that the processor boost algorithm was affected by an issue that could cause target frequencies to be lower than expected. This has been resolved. We’ve also been exploring other opportunities to optimize performance, which can further enhance the frequency. These changes are now being implemented in flashable BIOSes from our motherboard partners. Across the stack of 3rd Gen Ryzen Processors, our internal testing shows that these changes can add approximately 25-50MHz to the current boost frequencies under various workloads."

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  • Good news, fixed na ang clock speeds and with minimal or no change in power draw :-)

    AMD Agesa ABBA with Boost Clock Fix Tested on Ryzen 3900X

    <click here for link>
    If it weren't for reviewers like der8auer highlighting this issue to the public... the issue might have been ignored by AMD and we would not get a fix.