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PC does no turn on

  • Hi TPC!

    This morning, I was using my computer and turned it off after a couple of hours. Was about to rest when I suddenly remembered that I must finish something online. Tried turning it on but computer doesn't respond anymore.

    After some tinkering, I made it light back up by replacing the PSU power cord using the power cord of our printer. Thing is, it won't let me go any further. Stuck in a repairing loop at startup. Had to stop troubleshooting since I don't have enough time.

    I've used this computer for more than a year now with no issues. My PSU is a Cougar SL600 and I barely use 400 watts with the components that I have. What's the fix? I'm not exactly comfortable using this printer cord and I feel like it's not supplying enough power to my PC as the mouse and keyboard turns off after a few seconds, restricting me from going to BIOS.

    What should I do moving forward? Should I just buy a new power cord or replace the PSU altogether? I know that this isn't exactly the best choice and I am more than willing to get one from a reputable manufacturer. But I want to make sure that this failure really is due to just a bad PSU choice.

    Would love to hear your thoughts.

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  • AC power cords are the same, be it for the printer or the CPU.
  • I see. Right now i'm sitting in front of my computer waiting for this 'Preparing Automatic Repair' below the loading icon. I believe it has been about 15 minutes. Do i wait for it to repair itself?
  • Up
  • Up. Anyone else experienced this in the past? This "Preparing Automatic Repair" issue is giving me laptop results on Google.
  • If restarting for so many times doesn't work, try reinstalling OS.
  • remove extraneous stuff like graphics cards and all drives then try again

    if it fails, borrow a known good psu and replace