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NVIDIA Volta: GeForce 2000 Series

  • direcho gtx 1660 na lang kayo konti lang price diff. eh

    You mean GTX 1660 versus RTX 2060? Malayo price difference nila... more than Php 5K.

    Zotac GTX 1660 AMP Edition = Php 9,999
    Zotac RTX 2060 AMP Edition with free Crucial BX500 480GB SSD = Php 17,999

    Or ibang videocard yung binabanggit nila?
  • Kung may nakatry na ba nito magorder? discounted na RTX 2080ti

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  • anyone here have experience with zotac 2070 super? if zotac is a reliable brand

    currently have zotac 1060 6gb, temps reach 80-85 gaming, but for 2070 super price want to get other possible feedbacks

    choosing between zotac 2070 super and 5700 xt, other 2070 super cards cost more and 5700 xt looks like better buy already
  • Yung Zotac RTX2060 AMP Edition can be had at Php 16,990 without the SSD.. Any reviews ba on this model?
  • i just bought a pc sa pizzahan together with a zotac RTX 2060 amp. Pano po nacclaim ung mga free games? ty
  • I was bored so nag check ako ng tech news. Umandar na rin pala yung mga online announcements after yung cancellation ng tech events dahil sa COVID-19 pandemic.

    After almost two years ngayon lang nagkakaroon ng real value yung mga RTX cards dahil sa DX12 ultimate API (DXR 1.1, Mesh Shading, VRS, Sampler Feedback) na supported ng next gen XBox, AMD at Intel so in the future mas maraming game devs ang gagamit ng mga ito.

    Formalized na rin yung Vulkan Raytracing which is very similar to DXR.

    Updated na yung DLSS to DLSS 2.0 (no more per-game training at higher quality) and will be backported to a number of DLSS 1.0 games. Nasubukan ko na yung DLSS 2.0 sa Deliver Us The Moon at malaking improvment nga. I think game-changer ito dahil may potential na mashakeup ang GPU hierarchy if ever maging widespread ang adoption niya sa games.

    Base sa mga recent games din like Doom Eternal, nakita ko sa TPU around 20% faster na ang RTX 2080 sa GTX 1080Ti. Driver gimping daw (lol) pero in in reality, na take advantage na rin ng devs yung architectural advancements ng Turing from Pascal lalo na yung concurrent Floating Point at Integer Operations capability. Remember, two-year-old architecture na rin ang Turing so nag mature na rin ang dev support dito with newer games. Sa old games, the performance hierarchy didn't change much.

    Not bad for Fine Wine. Excited din ako for Xbox series X, PS5, Ampere at RDNA2.
  • Yet thread title calls it Volta still .
  • Hmmm... the hype is real haha

  • Q> may risk ba ma brick ang GPU if i-OC manually?

    Sulit ba mag OC ng GPU? Iniisip ko kasi sayang din 5-10% extra performance na pwede masqueeze.
  • ^

    As long as you Don't Overvolt and the Temps are Controlled, Your GPU will be fine. Volts and Heat are the things that can kill your GPU.
  • Geforce 451.48 is out.

    The most interesting thing about this driver for me is that it enables support for Windows 10 version 2004's WDDM 2.7 which has a feature called Hardware-Accelerated GPU Scheduling which basically allows the GPU to directly manage its own VRAM.

    WDDM2.7 is also supposed to fix DWM issues in multi-monitor setups with mismatched refresh rates.

    Full DX12 Ultimate API and Vulkan 1.2 support are also enabled in this driver.
  • Ask ko lang kung compatible po ba ang RTX 2060 SUPER MINI 8GB GDDR6 GPU sa AMD Ryzen 5 2600?
  • Yes