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Ultrawide Monitors Thread (FAQ at page 1)

  • @axelangel007....thanks, ito yun rebranded model na ginaya ni Avision 34G9C for reference review...

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  • ^meron bang nagsesell/pre-order here sa pinas na store?
  • The Alienware QD-OLED monitor is definitely a stunning piece of kit. However, for 70+ thou pesos, there are many others that might be worth considering.

    If your preference is for higher resolutions or bigger screen size, there are a lot choices out there that you can pick. The upcoming 42 inch LG C2 (or the slightly larger 48 inch version which should arrive on our shores after holy week), 49" Samsung Odyssey G9, and a host of others.

    But if you want the absolute best gaming monitor around, it's hard to pick anything else than this new Alienware QD-OLED.
  • LG C2 is good, actually eyeing for the C1, but if it would hinder me to use static wallpapers or desktop icons, then pass na din ako.
    Yung tipong ingat na ingat ka na wag magkaburn in. Its pathetic IMHO. I'd like to use a monitor as how I normally use it without being wary na baka magkaron ng issue. And for the price, siguro pag mga ilang generations na siguro yung technology.

    As for the G9, if possible I'd wait if there would be an IPS version. I know its one of the best VA panels, but in the end, I'd still prefer IPS padin sana.
  • Burn-in din ang hesitation ko na mag C2 42" para sa computer monitor lalo na most of the time, static OS/app graphics yung naka display sa monitor ko throughout the day at hindi naman ako naglalaro ng games all the time. Kung icoconsider ko yung C2, dedicated na pang gaming and videos lang siguro.

    At least confident yung Alienware na bigyan ng 3-year waranty against burn-in yung QD-OLED yung panel nila. Actually $1,299 for the Alienware QD-OLED isn't so bad considering naka G-Sync Ultimate hardware module siya. Usually yung mga ganyan na monitor, lalo na pag miniLED, nasa more than double the price.

    Judging by the history ng Dell/Alienware sa mga locally available gaming monitor models, not likely na ibebenta yung Alienware AW3423DW dito lalo na sold out siya sa US palang. Might have to wait for QD-OLED alternatives from other gaming monitor manufacturers like Acer Predator, Asus ROG and of course, Samsung Odyssey since Samsung din ang manufacturer ng QD-OLED panels.

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  • Been using my Aorus FO48U as my Monitor 24/7 with mix of Work and Gaming since November Last Year. Wala pa namang OLED Burn. If I didn't bought this Monitor baka yang ROG 42 Inch na Oled ang kukunin ko.

  • ^Might as well get the odyssey at 65k. Pero ok din yung CHG90 at 51k. Less 500 pa with WELCOME500 na code.

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  • ^Wala na promo? Regular price na ulit sa samsung site. Late ko na nakita. :(
  • ^Its still up. Pati phones and wearables at 15% din.
  • ^Sorry to ask po pero sa Samsung PH site po ba?

    I logged on on my samsung account in the samsung ph website but the monitor Odysses G9 is at SRP 77,299.

  • @ianisthename
    @[email protected]@[email protected]

    <click here for link>
  • ^Thanks!
  • ^ph site but partners account pala yung nalogin ko so lahat pala may discount.
  • Guys just got a great deal dun sa Samsung PH EPP page. Odyssey 49 inch, for 38k. Grabeeeeee :)

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  • Hanggan ngayon ba? Bakit hindi ko makita? :(

    Ohhh for employees lang pala yan hehe.

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  • Sayang bibilhin ko na sana super steal nayan.
  • baka pwede maki sabay? pabili ng monitor hehe g9
  • Not sure if pwede dude hahaha. Anyway, pulled the trigger na din.
    Wish me luck, 4-5 days daw delivery.

    Laki din ng discount sa appliances, TV's and phones.

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