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Android Development Programming

  • To all Android Developer Master please guide us naman.

    want to learn developing android apps, but no idea on what language to be use.
    Any suggestion po sana, try to search here but almost 2016 pa yung mga comment.
    Yun po sana pinakamadali aralin, meron naman po ako basic knowledge sa programming but i
    used Visual Basic 6 pa before. or if meron po kayo alam na school or tutorial for this comment nyo nalang po.

    thanks po in advance, hope may mag share ng idea dyan.
  • Android? syempre Java.

    There are several other languages that can be used like C# (Microsoft Xamarin), TypeScript/Javascript + HTML (and XAML) for Hybrid apps and cross-platform development, but these are just icing to the cake. Java is the heart of Android app development. For example, if you are using PhoneGAP (or Cordova) to develop hybrid apps, you would still need Java to do the impossible in Javascript (by means of Corvova plugin). Enough of these foreign sounding stuffs. Do Java.

    There are tons of resources for Java (and Java + Android Platform). And that's one of the reason why Android picked Java for its app development platform - tons of resources (documentations, tutorials, and programmers).

    Again... Java.

    When you are comfortable with Java in Android, then you can start exploring those "icing"

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  • thanks po.. up baka meron pang ibang sharing dyan.
  • app inventor 2, the vb6 equivalent of mobile app dev
  • Baka meron kayong alam na hiring as Jr. Android dev, learning palang ako ngayon ng android and going to pursue this kind of dev.

    More than 1 yr exp ko sa Software Dev using RAD (Web app), and SQL.

    Thank you!
  • ionic framework din peri mas prefer ko app inventor
  • hello mga sir,

    posible ba na ma-utilize ang fingerprint sensor ng android, para magamit mo sa paggawa ng ibang app?

    like for example gagawa ka ng android voting system app na merong security feature na pwede gamitin yung fingerprint sensor then mailalagay ito sa server?

    salamat sa anumang inputs mga sir
  • hi java gurus, ano po ibig sabihin nito:

    a = 0x0ABC34 & 0xC000 ?

    yung iba kase ganito:

    a = 0x0ABC34 & 0x0000FF
  • I always wanted to learn some programing experience with Android , I do have smartphone for many many years but never was able to get it done in a really cool way for example. Will it work out lately ? What do you want instead of some teacher ?
  • Hi po, I need your help please, I dont know if I came to the right thread.

    May virus po yata phone ko, may bigla lumalabas na pop-up advertisment regardless of application, gumamit ako dati nung hotspot shield VPN, then in uninstall ko na sya pero minsan lumalabas padin yung pop up ad. Pano po ba gagawin? Hindi kasi parang PC na madali disable yung background app.
  • It depends. I used to develop android apps on java before. Then there was a time na kelangan namin ng ios app, we hired another developer. Every time a new feature is needed, there will be a separate implementation. On a business point of view, we need to be efficient.

    As the lead developer, i chose xamarin.forms. Lots of my developers knows c# and it was a great choice. The visual studio tooling and debugging is fantastic. Hitting two birds with one stone.

    Currently im running my own consultancy here in US, and i recently recreated an existing android app in java to xamarin and took it to the next level (xamarin animations) and cross platform with ios.