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  • Ganda nung bagong Forza Motorsport a. 500 cars ata included sa launch.

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  • Dead Space Remake is Out!

    So Nostalgic! Game looks and performs great in my System. 4K HDR Max Settings without DLSS, my Average FPS is about 70 to 100+ FPS. Surprisingly it consumes 17GB+ VRAM.

    Game has a lot of Dark Scene, looks really good when playing on an OLED Monitor. My Xbox Elite Series 2 Controllers works out of the box.

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  • Dead Space Remake - Steam Deck | 800p + FSR 2.0 - Low, Medium Settings - SteamOS
    <click here for link>

    Dead Space Remake | RX 570 + i3 12100F + 16GB RAM | 1080p + FSR 2.0 - Medium Settings
    <click here for link>
  • madami ba players sa multiplayer ng deadspace? Ganda sana multi nyan kaso walang players ung deadspace 2 sa steam.
  • tagal din hindi nakapag euro truck simulator! haha

  • ^ Naka try ako ng demo, ok pala ito. Gumana sa luma kong driving wheel. Ng hihintay lang ako ng sale then laro din ako neto hehe. In the mean time, laro muna ko The Crew 2. Ayos din ito, mas maganda graphics ng Forza Horizon pero mas nagustuhan ko game progression ng The Crew 2. Sobrang laki ng map, buong USA, pag ayaw ko mg race, ng drive around lng ako using whatever car I have.
  • Re: Red Dead Redemption 2

    May naka encounter ba dito ng "GFX State Error" for one particular mission? Naencounter ko yung akin sa "Paying A Social Call". Isa pa lang natry ko na possible fix yung disable MPO sa registry kaso parang walang improvement kasi nag ca-crash pa din. Sa ibang games naman no issues naman ako.
  • ^^^If you're running the game in vulkan API try to run it in dx12 or vice versa.
    Hindi ko maalala kung ano mission yun pero lagi nag ccrash yun game at na hindi na ako mag progress sa story. Switching to dx12 solves the problem.
    Though mas ok performance in vulkan api

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  • Sirs,

    Reinstalled Xbox app on windows 10. Kaso this time Hindi ko na mabago installation folder Ng games lagi lang syang naka default sa C: pag binabago ko sa drop-down bumabalik lang sya sa drive C
  • For Those who preordered Hogwart's Legacy Deluxe Edition, Game is Out!

    The game looks very good. Initital Gameplay for me is quite fun.

    Game is very demanding graphics wise if you Max Out the settings on 4K with Ray Tracing and without DLSS. HDR looks beautiful on OLED Monitor. My Xbox Elite Series 2 works out of the Box.

    My FPS With Settings: (Hoping to improve with New Driver)
    Ultra + No DLSS = 50's AVG FPS
    Ultra + DLSS Quality = 90's AVG FPS
    Ultra + DLSS Quality + Frame Generation = 130's AVG FPS

  • King of Fighter 15 on sale for less than 500 @ 75% off the original price. Really tempting at this point and just worried about the matchmaking issue that were mentioned in the forums. But the price of the DLC, 200+ for 1 character, that's something

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  • Wild Hearts can now be preloaded on Steam.

    Monster Hunter like Game in a world inspired by Feudal Japan.

    Game will be released on Feb 17 PH time.

    Standard Edition 2999 Pesos.
    Karakuri Edition 3499 Pesos.

  • Returnal is out! First played this game on PS5 so It's nice to play it again on PC.

    Game looks very good. Has a lot of dark Scene so it great to play it on a 4K Oled Monitor. Game is very optimized in my opinion. 4K Epic Settings with Raytracing and without DLSS, I average more than a 100FPS. Xbox Series 2 Controller works out of the Box.

  • @Odellot How's your performance on Wild Hearts? Ma stutter and frametime issues ba sa rig nyo?

  • Diablo 4 Open Beta next month
  • kurtsky nag pinoypsp ka dati dba?
  • musta wildhearts exp niyo mga kapwa hunters? Magandang alternative ba to sa MH? Pero MH still is a great game hehe.
  • @blue_apple_pencil
    Running ok except for some frametime issues sa specific area sakin kaso mostly solo running ako, maayos naman gameplay, fluid ang combat and I'd say yes, magandang alternative but not recommended buy yet imo with the performance issues.

    Ryzen 7 5700X stock
    16GB Ram @ 3200mhz
    Samsung 870 QVO ang install location nya
    Gigabyte Eagle RX 6650 XT with SAM on
    Windows 10 Pro 22H2

    Game settings depending on the area, I change. From all highest to mix of low / med / high running mostly at nearly 60fps on 1080p with varying AA but mostly off kaya ung iba kong screenshot sa steam sobra dami jaggies lol with fps locked at 60 through Radeon Chill and again, frametime is an issue pag wala na sa fps lock so milage may vary sa ibang setup

    <click here for link>
    <click here for link>
    <click here for link>

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  • Thanks sa screenies paps. Looks alright. Sanay naman ako sa Ninty Switch graphics so goods na yan.

    Grabe, too many games in my radar. Kelangan mamili kung ano lang kukunin.

    - RE 4 Remake
    - Dead space Remake na hinahantay ko mag sale
    - LoZ: Tears of the Kingdom
    - Jedi Survivor
    - FF16

    Baka RE4 lang kunin ko at LoZ.
  • ^ im so hyped with RE4R, sa lahat ng resident evil games, pinaka nag enjoy ako sa RE4. Tapos Yung bagong zelda game naman sa MAY.

    Sana may demo na lumabas para sa RE4 para magkaalaman kung pano performance nya sa steam deck. Pag ok sya saka ko kukunin agad yung deluxe edition.
  • sa dami ng magagandang games na lalabas ngayong 2023 sobrang triggered na ko bumili ng GPU. pera na lang kulang LOLz
  • RE4 Remake, Diablo IV, FF7 Rebirth and FF16 ang mga games na auto buy sakin.
  • Pabor ako sa mga remake lalong na yung mga ps1 days katulad ng re1,dino crisis,metal gear 1 etc.
  • ^ this sana nga syfon filter din baka its about time na
  • @Vladz

    sobrang tigang na nating mga fans ng MGS. Wala man lang kahit porting sa newer consoles or release ng collection sa PC. Grabe lang talaga konami. Laki potential sa pera, ayaw pa nila.
  • makakalaro narin ako ng visual novel for the first time, atlast.

  • nais, mas matagal buhay si Luis.
  • ^
    Ganda ng graphics sana ganyan din pag labas.