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*Sony Playstation 5 Thread (Flamebait posts will be removed)

  • Nilogout ni Gameone lahat ng users tapos wala na makapasok afterwards. Hahaha joke time.

    Congrats sa mga nakakuha. PS5, see you next year!
  • kelan wave 3.. gusto ko ps5 na black w
  • Nag view source ako nung page ng link na pinadala ni DB sa email ko at medyo suspicious ako sa line of code na to, any programmers here who can interpret it better?

    Tapos ginoogle ko yung function at eto lumabas:

  • ^medyo maliit yung picture, eto yung highlighted code sa taas. Does it mean the page is suppose to run for 3 sec lang? Kung tama ang pagkaka intindi ko at hinala ko then hindi na nakakapag taka na wala nga nakakuha, ni wala ako mabasa sa comments sa FB post nila about the preorder na meron nga nakakuha even nung 1st wave.

    <script type="text/javascript">

    // Move to a new location or you can do something else
    window.location.href = "?page=login";

    }, 3000);

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  • Congrats sa mga nakakuha. Hopefully madami na tayong mga PS5 user.

    Still waiting for Sony to announce compatible NVME drives. Sobrang liit ng storage for me.
  • @90boi it means na after 3 seconds the page will redirect to ?page=login page
  • Follow up lang,

    Naka-comment out yung code so hindi siya mag-rurun.
  • Got lucky today. I was able to order from Lazada. Sobrang bilis lang. Di ko nga tiningnan kung ano details buti tama naman lahat haha. Had to pay straight up though. I used GCash (very reliable)

    I just went through the games library of PS5 though. Wala pa naman actual games na para saakin. I'm thankful na nakakuha ako pero relax lang mga wala pa. PS4 is still good. Don't give in to scalper prices. 60k is not worth it for the regular Juan.

    Congrats din sa ibang mga nakakuha! Happy gaming!
  • ^

    Konti pa lang talaga ang Library. Most of them ay meron din sa PC.

    9 Games ang Currently nakainstall sa PS5 ko.

    PS5 Games: Spiderman, Miles Morales, Demon's Soul, NBA 2k21

    PS4 Games: God of War, Ghost of Tsushima, Day's Gone, Last of US II, FFV Remake.

    Currently replaying Ghost of Tsushima and Day's Gone. Huge Improvement versus nung linaro ko sila sa PS4 Pro ko.
  • ^

    Yup. I expect performance upgrades from all PS4 games which i'm quite excited for especially MHW:Iceborne even though it's pretty much on its death bed.

    I've played almost every AAA title on PS4 but the few I haven't played are on PS+ collection such as Days Gone, Persona 5 and Bugsnax (lol). so that's pretty convenient. NBA and FIFA will keep me busy in between those games.

    Overall, a good roadmap for my gaming needs but not really a requirement.

    Hang in there sa mga wala pang PS5. Mag switch muna kayo haha. (seriously. got it last week coz I didn't expect a PS5. It's pretty good)
  • Also got my Launch Nintendo Switch v1. Mainly playing RingFit Adventure and Local Coop Games like Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. When I'm outside I'm using my Switch Lite for Portable Gaming.

    Hoping to get a GPD Win 3 this year for Portable PC Gaming and Emulation.

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  • ^
    Nice setup!

    May tanong ako tungkol sa charging dock ng PS5 controllers, Iniisip ko kung pwede ba siya ipatong sa taas ng console? in between the collars kapag naka vertical stand hahaha
  • Pede siguro. Not sure since hindi vertical yung akin and I think exhaust yung top part na yun.
  • ah right. exhaust nga pala yun. better not cover it up.
    sana ginawa nilang pwede ganun para maging functional naman yung height ng console haha. Thanks!
  • yung anak ng officemate ko eh nakalusot sa wave 2 ng datablitz, ang bwenas. :-)
  • ano po nakasulat, made in japan poba
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  • ^ ang lakas din ng fighting spirit mo ah. Scalper ka na, nagbebenta ka pa sa thread na bawal sa tipidpc rules.

    Instant income ka ng 23k? LOL saksak mo sa baga mo yang PS5 mo.
  • Sell it at the same price baka sir di rin po issue pera sa inyo. Mababalik naman nailabas niyo. XD
  • Di po ako nagbenta sa thread. @techph888 ;)

    @bluesky15, thanks po sa recommendation.
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  • Ingat ingat sa mga scam. Nakita ko lang, sirang monitor ang laman ng PS5 box

  • ^

    Wow. Thanks for the warning. Be careful to PS5 Buyers that can't wait. My advice is just wait. There are still too little PS5 Exclusive games yet. I'm waiting for Destruction All Stars on February and Returnal on March.

    For me, some reasons to Upgrade to PS5 right now are you want to play PS5 Exclusive Games, You don't have a decent PC to play next gen games, and you still have a PS4 or PS4 Slim.

    If you have a PS4 Pro already just upgrade it to an SSD and you have pretty much the same experience as a PS5 if you just want to play PS4 Games.
  • My advice is just wait. There are still too little PS5 Exclusive games yet.

    This. To those who think of shelling out +/- 50k for a unit, ask yourself if you REALLY NEED a PS5 that you have to pay almost double SRP for it. The only instance I can think of is if you don't have neither a PS4 or a decent gaming PC, you actually have time to play at home AND you badly wanted Demon's Souls or other PS5 exclusives. Kung hindi bumili ka na lang ng PS4 Pro then i-benta mo pag hindi na pahirapan ang stocks ng PS5. Mas nakatipid ka pa kaysa pumatol ka sa scalpers sa market. Also, you enable scalpers by supporting them and you give them incentive to do it again.

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  • Hello, just want to get your opinions.

    Safe bang bumili ng PS5 sa Shopee? Aware ako na may almost na-scam na sa Shopee pero binabasa ko yung Shopee Guarantee nila na money back pag hindi yung item na nareceive. It seems applicalbe lang yung guarantee pag yung payment is made thru Shopee, and not thru direct bank transfer or GCash. Though wala akong idea kung gaano katatag yung guarantee nila.

    Now then what if yung seller is willing naman na yung payment is to be made thru Shopee or better if COD and willing silang ipabukas yung box and test bago ipahand over yung payment, is that a good sign na legit yung seller? Still my instincts tell me to wait kasi di naman ako masyadong nagmamadali. Though pag nakakakita ako ng PS5 na slightly above lang naman sa msrp minsan nacconsider ko, like in this case. Pero still nakakatakot kasi halos lahat ng nagbebenta ng PS5 dun puro 0 ratings eh.
  • ^
    The only safe place to buy are the official sellers.

    Risk mo na kung bibili ka sa shopee or scalpers.

    Do not buy it for more than SRP. It's not worth it. Kaya nga sobrang ganda ng ps5 kasi mura siya for the specs compared to last gen and gaming pc's.

    Kung bilhin mo ng around 60k, nagsayang ka lang ng pera. PC na lang bilhin mo kung wala ka pa.

    As for the games, as said before wala pa naman talaga. PS4 will be good enough for 2021.

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  • PS+ US For the month of february

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  • Quick review lang. Wala ako magawa e haha.

    It's been about 3 days since I got my PS5

    It's great. It's everything we wanted as a successor to PS4 and more. Fast and updated specs, backwards compatibility, quiet sounding, doesn't get super hot (so far), and has a beautiful eye-catching design. It's big though. Not crazy big but big enough that i have to use both hands every time i hold it. I'm concerned about it's portability when travelling. The weight of the console demands a hard case with a lot of cushion for when it gets dropped. Think luggage bag but backpack style. Alas, There's no decent travel bag on the market right now.

    The console itself is beautiful the white faceplates aren't the cheap plastics of older consoles. I was worried about it turning yellow over time but I don't think it will. It feels like it's made of a different blend of plastic. The physical buttons are a welcome comeback for me. My ps4 phat had problems with the touch buttons in its early days.

    The overall UI is quite complicated which takes time getting used to but it's very convenient when you get the hang of it.

    DualSense controller really makes this thing special. It's so well engineered and it's a testament to how Sony loves and continues to innovate. The vibration is amazing, it really feels like the controller is an extension of what you see on screen. The R2 and L2 adaptive triggers are something that nobody thought we needed but when you experience it, it improves your level of immersion. It's heavy. Maybe the heaviest controller i've ever held but it's not a big deal to me because i'm an adult. However, i think about the kids who're gonna use this. One thing i don't like about the DualSense controller is that the back of the body is too tall. My middle finger has very little space to rest. It feels like the grips are too short even though they're not. It's hard to explain without a visual presentation. Basta it's not as comfy and easy to hold as the DualShock4.

    PS5 is not a finished product. There's still very little space for games. I'm waiting for that NVME storage upgrade access.
    There's also no 1440p output support which sucks. My monitor accepts the 4k signal and downscales it but better kung native 1440p sana. Hopefully Sony changes their mind about it.

    I honestly don't know how Sony did this for only ?28k. It's really quite amazing.

    I'm hoping for everyone to get their PS5s soon. But again, please don't buy from scalpers

    Trust me, it's worth the wait.

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