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Home Automation Thread (Smart Home 101)

  • I've tried searching for this topic but didn't find any.

    So here we go..

    Trying to find a community/forum to post but tingin ko dito sa TPC I might have a good chance getting input from brilliant minds :)

    Currently we are a group of 3 based in Gulf region (IT infrastructure director, building/facility manager and yours truly) trying to break into home/office automation.

    Anyone have personal experience implementing home automation solution? Which platform?

    Javascript expert? Check Node-Red let me(pm) know what you think?

    For us we got these to start with, and hopefully get into a minimum viable product.

    Although home automation still to emerge in our beloved country, figured it will real soon, so let's use this board to chat for anyone interested and get the ball rolling. Shoot...
  • Whats you setup? How is it going? Ive got the broadlink rm pro too and sonoff light switches. Waiting for my echo dots to be delivered. What are you planning to do with the pi? Homeassistant?
  • i was working on the same few months back. echo, pi to control mechanical and ssd relay and switches. i did have a working proto for simple home automation but suddenly lost interest. bookmarking this thread baka sipagin ulit
  • I've already gotten the sonoff light switches installed but I haven't used it yet (under renovation yung condo). I've been using the broadlink rm pro and that thing can already do a lot of things for me. I'm using the broadlink rm pro to turn on and off my aircon, TV and android tv box. Setup was very easy, almost plug and play lang. Problem lang with the sonoff and the broadlink is they need the internet to work. I know the sonoffs can be flashed with custom firmware but I'm just too busy to play with it. Here is a link with my light switches.

    <click here for link>
  • @IceT
    That's great, my personal setup (studio) also relies on broadlink for controlling dumb devices (infrared/rf)

    My current setup like this, it's working very well for me, saves time and electricity, add to that the fun and amazement of our guests;

    1. Camera facing the studio door, configured for security and motion detector to turn hallway lights
    2. Phone connect to router automatically send signal to turn on main lights, starts cooling the house and prepare chilled water
    3. A set of Alexa and Google Routines to jump start combination of devices and set the lighting mood using trigger words like "Cinema On", "Game On", etc.
    4. Google Home amd Amazon Alexa acts as voice input, Apple iPad as manual input

    There's a couple of logic applied as well, such as if motion detected but it's not someone from family, it will turn off the light after a set interval,
    and also for lighting and lighting mood, it depends on the time, if it's morning then obviously light shouldn't change. Then If everyone leave, turns off everything.

    Regarding sonoff,
    Mukhang ok din yan boss, likewise I've researched regarding flasing it with tasmota but went buying known brands because I need a product with good server with reliable IFTTT support

    Tama sir one of the problem is internet reliability dyan satin, add mo pa power shortage from time to time, two of the biggest hurdles for smart home to penetrate our country

    So to answer the last question, Pi and Home Assistant should solve the internet reliability part, it will act as hub connecting everything via LAN instead of cloud. We'll drop IFTTT and other third party service, build the logic within the hub.

    From today, resume ko na ulet ung project, let see, hopefully I'll encounter more enthusiasts as we go.. :)

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  • So to answer the last question, Pi and Home Assistant should solve the internet reliability part, it will act as hub connecting everything via LAN instead of cloud. We'll drop IFTTT and other third party service, build the logic within the hub

    Pwede pala yun? Am interested in that. Hassle kse pag nawawala minsan ang internet. Can you point us in the right direction for that?

    I use Amazon echo and some dots. With a few smart bulbs, sonoff basic connected to electric fans, some sonoff slamphers and a smart power strip to turn on the tv, skycable box and media player.

  • here is a sample of what you can do with smart switches and a raspberry pi running home assistant.

    all my sonoff switches are running tasmota for 100% local control, no cloud needed. installation of the switches (especially for lights) is a pain because they need a neutral/return line.

    several other-brand switches however are still using Tuya/Smartlife because I use my google home mini to control them.

    If you want to start in this expensive hobby, buy several sonoff s31 (with energy monitoring). Very fulfilling hehe. But still so much to learn

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  • Started reading a bit about that. Need to invest time to learn and setup Home Assistant. Medyo ma trabaho, tsaka na muna siguro hehe. Thanks for the info.

    Nice discussion din on reddit re HA vs. Smartthings.