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Official Mislatel Thread

  • All updates regarding PH 3rd Major Telco Player - MISLATEL
  • WHO IS Mislatel?

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  • Mislatel-Dennis Uy bilang 3rd telco pinal na – Rio
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    Path clear for Mislatel's confirmation as new telco player: Rio
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  • IN CHARTS: Udenna Corp-China Telecom's promises

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  • aabangan ko to!
  • ^ ka abang abang nga!
  • by March 2020 fully operational na ito.

    hmmm, new player, magiging ala-Converge kaya yung after sales nila? :(
  • based sa napanood ko sa youtube about dito/mislatel, parang yun target market nila ay yun mobile communication at wireless internet, malamang yun binabanggit nila na gigabit internet is 5g technology ni huawei, kung magkakaroon man ng ftth or fiber to the home, siguro it takes 3-5 yrs bago ma-covered yun buong metro manila or depende sa takbo ng subcontracting nila kung maraming manpower ay mas mabilis

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  • I hope they target the high end so quality of service will be good.

    If they go after the TnT, TM and Sun market expect as bad service.
  • the key to a successful telco is enterprise users, ito ang bumubuhay sa mga telco providers like GLOBE/PLDT not the home users, kahit sabihin mo milyon subscribers pa yan, a handful of enterprise users can bring you the equivalent revenue, and these companies need to have a large rolling capita to remain reliable, specially in our geographic location where we experience frequent submarine fiber breaks which takes a handful of time to repair and are costly, which is a loss revenue via rebate which is not a joke considering enterprise rates are in thousands of dollars.. unlike in countries where it is composed of a single mass of land..

    also, it is in the enterprise segment where these telco pull out their losses in lowering the rates of home users.

    the problem today is the availability of IP's.. GLOBE/CONVERGE/ and the likes faces challenges because majority or IP's was in the hands of PLDT tru years of acquisition of smaller telco provider which these IP's was allotted. why it is a problem? if you don't have enough IP's you can't cater enterprise services, and without enterprise your ROI will be longer and makes the investor warry of getting on.

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  • Take note, they will focus sa wireless plans muna from what I have heard. Then move on sa fixed gamit ung fiber back bone ng NGCP, which is good kasi di na hirap mag roll out ng cables - ung ibang lugar nalang na di abot.

    PS: I hope they hire competent CSR's and contractors.