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Globe At Home Prepaid Wifi

  • OK, SO globe have now brought int his atrocious terrible B312-939, which is at best, garbage for the bin. One antenna port, which you cannot even access because they've blocked it via the firmware. SO this shows that Globe dont know anything about spectral efficiency. They are giving out these hopeless little modems now to ease congestion on their network so that new customers, get a tiny fraction of the performance that someone would get on the older B310-938. Im quite angry and i feel like ive been scammed.
    I dont for one second believe they picked this new model just because its cheaper. They've gone to the extra extent of blocking access to the external antenna, so that ppl are forced to have shit internet.

    Whats involved in getting the admin password. i see all kinds of adds for these unlocking services, but it always leads to some spyware ridden website. How do people do it.

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  • Hello mga ka TPC.

    Planning to buy this Globe Prepaid Wifi. My questions are:

    1. Gaano po ito kabilis?
    2. Sulit ba yung promo nila na Homesurf 1499?

    Salamat po sa makakasagot.
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  • 1. Gaano po ito kabilis?
    2. Sulit ba yung promo nila na Homesurf 1499?

    15-20mbps DL
    Download speed will vary kung anong website. Mahina ata ang worldwide peer connections ni Globe. For example, Facebook napakabagal, kahit messenger lang.

    4mbps UL
    Pero never ko nakuha itong speed na to in actual usage. Mga 500kbps lang siguro

    Gamit namin is HomeSurf199 na 23gb + 7gb YouTube (1 week). Mas sulit siya kesa 1499
  • Hi Ka-TP,

    Consult ko lang sana itong issue ko about Globe at Home Prepaid Sim card.

    Bumili kasi ako ng TPLink-M7350 pocket wifi sa Lazada. Basura kasi connection nung modem (B310As-938) so I insert the Globe at Home Prepaid Sim card to my pocket wifi and it has signal full signal, it's on 4G however pag kumonek ako sa laptop ko eto nalabas:

    "No Internet, secured"

    Naconfigure ko naman lahat. Okay naman settings then check ko yung Globe at Home app, same paren balance ng homesurf ko, di nababawasan.

    May kelangan pa po ba ako gawing configuration para maging compatible itong Globe at Home Prepaid simcard sa TPlink pocket wifi ko?

    Please help po, salamat :(
  • ^did you set the APN to

    kung hindi. hindi talaga gagana yan. hindi yan plug and play. that SIM card only works specifically on the modem that came with it, well until you set the APN properly on your own Tplink pocket wifi.
  • Hi po sa lahat. Pwede ko po ba gamitin ang mobile LTE SIM sa Home Wifi Router or do I need to buy business SIM
  • ^ I agree puro spyware mga site pang admin access ng b312-939,,, ang dami na ring yumayaman para sa pag papa admin access,, 250 bentahan halos 80 katao isang araw,, siraulo globe masyadong gahaman tuloy nauutakan cila ng iba.. tiba tiba ang may alam SANA MAY MAG SHARE NG LIBRE SA PAG PAPA ADMIN ACCESS NG B312-939
  • Hi there,

    You meant guys you cannot use GlobePrepaidWifi SIM with any other (better) LTE router, just in given model (till u hack other router to have same IMEI)???

    Thanks for responding in advance.
  • ^my prepaid wifi sim works fine on my pocket wifi, siguro sinuwerte lang na hindi IMEI locked yung SIM.
  • Ano model ng Globe Prepaid Wifi ni Globe ang maganda? Yun 2 antenna?
  • I think ZLT is better one, the antennas is for LTE (left antenna) and Wifi (rigth antenna), if you want to install a outdoor antenna, ZLT is probably the better one.