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PLDT Router : PROLiNK PRS1841U Router

  • @judef
    Noong na migrate yung VDSL2 plan ko to Fibr nabanggit sa akin ng installer na pwede ko daw gamitin as router yung old na modem, which is PRS1841U router/modem.
  • PLDT tech changed my router to this kasi bumigay na yung lumang pldt router ko.

    Bakit lagi ako na ddisconnect? May binago ba kayo sa setting?

    Laging DNS error.

    Kelangan ko i-reset lagi yung router para maka connect ako sa internet.

    Hindi ako naka fibr, plan 2800 lang yung sakin.

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  • Mainggay ba yung linya?
  • Paano po ibridge yung PLDT modem-router na baudtec RN104R4GC-2T2R-A5? Bumili po kasi ako ng TP Link AX10 and gusto ko po sana gawing main router yun. Bale yung modem-router balak ko gawing modem na lang.

    Salamat po
  • PLDT delivered a replacement modem/WiFi router, the PROLiNK PRS1841U Router as a replacement to my current SpeedSurf 904V-N which is running at the speed of 50Mbps. However when I installed the PROLiNK PRS1841U Router it only produced a speed of 5MBPS. Can anyone inform me on how to reconfigured this to the 50Mbps bandwidth that I subscribed to?
  • re Prolink PRS1841U. how to enable lan2, lan3 and lan4?

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  • anyone who has their LAN1 to LAN4 with 1.0Gbps speed? I've tried a CAT7 cable (which runs at 1.0Gbps on my asus router), but it still runs only at 100Mbps.. can't find any config setting on the modem's firmware (even with adminpldt), on setting up the port speeds..

    says here: <click here for link> that its WAN and LAN ports support 10/100/1000Mbps but it doesn't appear to be the case on PLDT's 'modified' version of the modem

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  • Anyone able to actually run Gigabit speeds on PRS1841u v2? Tried even a CAT7 cable (which runs at Gigabit speed on my Asus router), but doesn't do it on PLDT's Prolink PRS1841U v2.

    Can't seem to find any setting to increase port speeds, even with adminpldt as the logged in account on the firmware.

  • puede bang i convert ang Prolink PRS1841U as wireless repeater?
    sa wlan setting, merong "Enable Universal Repeater Mode (Acting as AP and client simultaneouly)" and meron din sa mode "AP+mesh". kailangan bang i choose ko tong dalawa?
  • Hello mga masters. Baka matulungan nyo ako on how to manually add DNS sa pldt PROLiNK PRS1841U router.
    may invalid IP address range error kasi pag nag set ako ng DNS manually. Thanks po sa sasagot.

  • Na try mo na or (google DNS) ?