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laptop watercoooling mod topic?

  • i have an acer e5-576g. 8250u mx150 , 2TB, 4GB ram variant

    ever since i purchased it last year, it's struggling to run at gaming load. the cpu would reach 97C just by having it at 40% load and 70% gpu laod. when i stress test cpu and gpu individually, cpu reaches 81 and gpu around 70. however, when i do both, cpu would reach 99 and throttle. gpu about 85 i think.

    for now, this is how i play dota2:
    70mv cpu undervolt, 2.7GHz max clock, no changes on gpu settings. graphics set to 1080p ultra. fps around 20-60

    what i therefore conclude is that the cooling of this laptop needs an upgrade or i need a new laptop. while, a new laptop costs a lot. a diy cooling mod would probably cost $100 tops. so i searched for cooling mods and these are the problems im seeing:

    is this even a good idea, upgrading laptop cooling like this?

    do i replace the current heatsink or just put the cooling mod on top of it?

    how do i mount a new waterblock/heatsink to the cpu/gpu die?

    here's what it loooks like at the bottom:

    here's a guy who succeeded on it:

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  • @ineedaphone888
    is this even a good idea, upgrading laptop cooling like this?

    Probably not a good idea as you will void the warranty of your laptop and possibly damage it in the process of modding.

    If you need more gaming performance, one option is to go with an external GPU setup like this:

    At least you would not need to mod your laptop but you might have to sacrifice one of your NVMe M.2 slots for the videocard cable. Also attaching the cable in a way so it cleanly exits the laptop case can be a challenge. Benefit is you get much higher videocard performance and your CPU will run cooler since the laptop heatsink does not need to cool the Core i5-8250u + Nvidia MX150 together.

    A better option is to just sell your laptop and try building a small form factor PC paired with a small monitor.
  • @ineedaphone888

    if you're a gaming enthusiast, then you must invest in a gaming laptop class since your acer e5 is not really designed for heavy gaming since the cpu and gpu chips of that unit shared the same heat-sink fan assembly. unlike for gaming laptop which has two independent cooling systems. one is dedicated for cpu and another cooling fan dedicated for gpu. its not that practical to spend on modding the cooling system but if you have time and money on your hands, then why not...
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  • i dont have money to buy new gear. thats why im opting for a cheap diy watercooling system

    i could also attach the stock cpu cooler of my old intel e5300 if thats enough. just the problem of mounting is all.
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  • @ineedaphone888

    Possibly the cheapest option to improve thermals. Buy good thermal paste and re-apply to your laptop's heatsink at the end of the heatpipe (pic below). Also when you have opened up the laptop you can clean off any dust from the blower fan and heatsink fins.

    i dont have money to buy new gear. thats why im opting for a cheap diy watercooling system

    The money that you spend on an AIO watercooler + the loss of resale value by doing a ghetto cooling modification on your laptop... is not worth it if you ask me.

    Even if you are successful in cooling the CPU and GPU, the Nvidia MX150 graphics can only do so much for games. Making it run cooler will probably get you an extra 5% - 10% increase in framerates at most.

    If you sell your laptop while it is still in good condition, add the money you would have spent on the watercooling system... you can probably build a budget gaming PC with 2x - 3x better gaming performance. There are cheap videocards available and memory prices are at their lowest, so it's a good time to build a budget gaming PC :-)
  • did alot more reading about stuff like thermal limit and power limits..

    apparently, even when insane cooling on my cpu and gpu, it is still gonna hit that power limit which is sadly only 15W..

    kaya pala stutter lagi kasi throttle. kala ko temp throttle lang may power throttle pa even if it wont thermal throttle, it's gonna power throttle..

    damn i want to sell this laptop.