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Allowed ba talaga ang VAT-Exclusive Listings?

  • Good PM, tanong ko lang sana kung allowed ba talagang mag-post ng VAT-exclusive prices dito sa TPC? Personally ayokong nakakakita ng akala ko good price tapos pagbukas ko nung listing sasabihing "woops, wala pa yung 12% VAT dyan sa list price". I think it's deceiving.
  • according to price tag law.

    "Section 2. One Price Tag Requirement. Every retailer is required to display a price tag to indicate the price of each consumer good and/or services, as required in Articles 8.1 to 83 of the Consumer Act of the Philippines or R.A. No. 7394. The price tag must be written cle,arly, indicating the price of the consumer product including Value Added Tax (VAT) whenever the consumer product is VA TABLE. Service charge, if any, shall not be included in the price tag.» (Underline supplied for emphasis)

    that is applied to any goods/services. so if you see one, just report it to DTI.