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Best UPS with AVR

  • Rainy Season officially has started and having an AVR isn't good enough to protect your Uber build PC. In this case, what are your recommended brand of UPS based on your research or personal experience - or expertise.

    Also, for starters what are your thoughts with regards to this particular UPS (CyberPower CP1300EPFCLCD) and is there a local shop where we can purchase it?

    Also, if you have bought and used a cheap UPS that's still working after so many years, please share it with us.

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  • Just go with APC brand, you can buy it almost every computer retail shops. At least with APC you have local warranty and service center that you can just walk in to

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  • @polka

    Sadly their UPS doesn't produce a True Sine Wave as my PSU has Active PFC. Also, it's more expensive than CyberPower for the same wattage.

    I hope our local shops will recognize the latter as they're gaining traction in the Market now.
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