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BaudTec Model: RN104R4GC-2T2R-A5 Modem Dashboard Access problem

  • Anyone have this model of the Modem? May naka-pasok na ba dito sa Dashboard/Settings ng modem atleast on the welcome / Login page. Even using the the default Gateway / IP Address, puro Connection Time Out. Already tried Resetting the modem but to no avail.
  • Did you try ie. with SSL. http on port 80 not available.
    Your browser will freak at the self signed certs, but can be persuaded to connect.

    admin / 1234 works for the initial login, but you have to change the password immediately and set passwords for the two wifi APs. Once' you're in there's not much you can do in there. You can't even set the IP address range for DHCP.
    I haven't found the superuser login yet. Waiting to find it so I can put it into bridge mode and use my proper router. If anyone has it, please let me know, either by DM or post it here.

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  • admin/1234 will work.

    @woody, thanks for the SSL tip, this fixed my concern. the super admin you can request that from PLDT, wala daw bayad yan. just tell them na nag me mesh setup ka.
  • Natry nyo na po iaccess yung debug switch acct for this modem? Penge naman po links and default pw
  • Further to the above, you'll find that there's a separate login page for the super admin.

    After battling with PLDT support for months, I submitted the waiver documents and copies of my ID and ... still they won't release the password to me. They say they haven't got the forms and I've got to submit them again. They're driving me nuts. Anyway, I was able to find a video on youtube that worked out, so I'm in now, and trying to fix their broken ipv6 implementation for them.
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  • @woody, napasok mo superadmin site?
    may difference ba sa normal log in site?
    RN104R4GC-2T2R-A5 BaudTec router modem ko wala ako mahanap na default superadmin password ren...
  • Admin access:

    username - adminpldt
    password - qVuUKLmCJJhCF4YY3x9xqJy


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  • Hi. How do you set this to bridge mode? Need to use this as modem only and use my Archer A6 as the wifi router.

  • I haven't been able to get bridge mode to work. Its easy enough to set it on the router once you have full access. Disable DHCP, disable Wifi, and then click Bridge Mode on the interface which is making the connection (there are four in total: pick the one with the IP address).
    However after doing that, I haven't been able to get my own router to obtain an IPv4 or IPv6 connection over DHCP. You can see from the modem status page, that its connected to VDSL, but the router never picks up an IP. I heard this might have something to do with VLAN 100 needing to be set on the WAN interface. I've tried many combinations of this, but haven't been successful. I also thought it might be due to the MAC address of the router being wrong, so I changed that to be the same as the modem. Again no joy. I've tried 6 or 7 times now (whenever I feel life is getting a bit too easy), and have had no progress. In the end I just roll back to the original config. (You did take a backup, didn't you? Good).
  • Has anyone been successful in using this to function as just a modem? If so, how?
  • Hello po.

    Share ko lang how I managed to use bridged mode on this modem router

    Bale upon checking po yung WAN3 ay for IPTV and it is set to be in bridged mode. What I did is change the VLAN ID from 1026 to 100 and then reboot the router. From that port I connected my third party router and it picked up a connection (sadly it is still CGNAT though)

    Hope this helps

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  • may naka set na ba nito as a switch lang?
    everything disabled, except LAN ports?
    di ba sya mag double NAT?
    2 kasi ganito ko ngayon after upgrading, need ko lang extra ports, instead of buying another switch

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