Hello guys here's the topic for high availability server virtualization.

I hope makatulong itong topic natin sa mga newly IT na nais matuto.

HA - High Availability Server Setup

If you are interested in Server Virtualization with High Availabilty here's the pointer.

If you have spare pc or server atleast minimum of 2+.

1. Download promox iso on the official site.

2. Download etcher balena.

3. Provide 8GB usb.

4. Using etcher flash the proxmox ISO to USB.

5. Open the spare PC and go to bios and enable the VT-x. This settings will allow the virtualization.

6. Boot the USB with proxmox and begin the installation.

7. After installation you can access your proxmox on the url https://your_proxmox_ip:8006.

8. Login your username password.

9. After preparing the 2 Spare Server or PC create cluster and join the other proxmox server.

10. There is a Ceph option there you can install it per proxmox guys.

11. Now you already done installing proxmox with high availability cluster.

If you have a question or idea, suggestion guys feel free to comment here..

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