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Server vs Powerful Desktop for a Small Office

  • Good Morning Guys!

    Please help me identify which one is better and more affordable for a small office set up with 8 clients/workstations.

    It will serve just a regular Accounting Software and a Data Entry Software.

    Ideal ba kung kahit regular Desktop Computer na lang ba or should I work my investment on a more robust server?

    Your inputs are highly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance guys!
  • You probably talking about implementing a terminal service, or a regular desktop computer for each person.

    it's all up to you anyway.

    the pros of terminal service is you only need 1 tower to power up all the client's PC needs, this will give you advantage in terms of implementation and power efficiency, the caveat is once the server fails, all fails. Most implementation of this have a two running server's side by side so if something fails on the other one, the other can take over.

    for desktop computers implementation, well each people have their own computer with its own operating system and own storage, this can be expensive since you will be buying each person a full computer, it also power inefficient. The good thing on this implementation is if one fails, only that one fails.

    my recommendation is mag terminal service ka na lang, less maintenance pa yan. Personally as IT person in the company, I prefer this because its less PIA to maintain rather than maintaining all the computers in the company. Just setup a centralized server for them and give each person a thin client so they can connect to the server, the experience is still the same, it may require a little training how to login to the terminal, but after that, its just a your usual Windows Operating system that most people are familiar with.
  • heto na lang kaya na nya itrain yung gpt 4.5