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Gundam Battle Gunpla Warfare for Android and iOS

  • Anyone here playing this? :)

    Android: <click here for link>
    iOS: <click here for link>

    Been playing since launch pero hindi pa din ganun kalakas mga parts/units ko, game is basically pay-to-win, and I don't want to pay, lolz :D

    If long time player na din kayo, please share some tips here on how to level up, how to manage resources, etc.

    If you you want to try it out kase mahilig kayo sa Gundam or Gunpla modeling, this will be right up your alley. Lalo na ngayon yung bagong version nung app lets you take AR pics with the Gunpla units that you own in the game :)

    Maybe we can all do Multi-Missions too if ever, hehe :)
  • New trailer :)