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PLDT Fibr IPv6 + FreshTomato

  • Hey Everyone,

    Has anyone here managed to make Tomato firmware work with PLDT Fibr IPv6?

    The router is able to get an IPv6 address from the modem (can ping ipv6 sites) but it doesn't propagate properly to the clients: 0/10 on test-IPv6 from PC. However, if I connect the modem straight to my PC, 10/10 on test-IPv6 so I know it's working.

    Screenshots below:

  • Use prefix 60 or 56 values
  • Thank you po for the suggestion.

    I've changed the prefix to 60 just now (remotely) but I won't be able to test until I get home from work later tonight.

    What's the reason behind changing the prefix?


    With 60, it doesn't get an IPv6 address from the modem but with 56, it did. I'm looking forward to checking this out later! :)

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  • default delegation ng fiberhome sa LAN interface is 64 so you cant really have another router (subrouter) doing another delagation since its already on the lower part.

    gawin mo muna is, first set your WAN interface delegation to 56 (as eapi_tech says but I dont know if this works) then set your LAN interface delegation to 60 (after this test ipv6, if it works then proceed to next step, else restore the configuration back to working config and forget using ipv6 on your subrouter not unless you set it to bridge mode). After that on your tomato router you can just set ipv6 delegation on wan to 60 leave it dhcpv6 server delegation to 64.

    it should work fine after that.

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  • Thank you! It makes sense now.

    Somehow, I thought about it -- LAN should not be on the same ip range just like with IPv4. That is for example, modem -> router are in the 192.168.x.x range and the LAN should be on a different subnet, should be 192.168.y.y range.

    Di ko lang kasi alam pano i implement to sa IPv6, so sa prefix pala :D, soo excited to go home na, lol.
  • Tough luck.. PLDT prefix is hard set at 64. You cannot set it to any value, it will prompt -- reboot the device to apply the settings but after reboot, ganun pa rin yung values. Switching the tomato to bridge mode works of course but I lose all features I'm after - bandwidth monitor, torrent, cifs, etc., etc.

    Any other workaround or this is it? :-/
  • you cant really do anything to it, plus you can still use cifs, torrent, dns filtering etc, but not the NAT/routing related features like bandwidth monitor, qos, bandwidth limit.

    plus tomato doesnt really support that much with ipv6, its basically barebones ipv6 support, enough just to support /60 (or higher) ipv6 wan and delegate /64 (hardcoded, cannot be change) ipv6 on lan. only enterprise routers support ipv6 fully, eg having a subrouter do another delegation, and fine granularity in terms of filtering and bandwidth limit (you can filter what connection it can go and bandwidth limit ipv6 even if that address is delegated in subrouter which you cant do on ipv4).

    edit: the only solution this for now is set your ISP Modem/ONU to bridge mode. And even if you do that, all the NAT related features of tomato like qos,bandwidth limit will not work at ipv6 due to those core components are not designed to work with ipv6. And since most router only support ipv4 hardware acceleration routing, expect it performing worse on ipv6 traffic so if for some reason naka 1gbit plan ka, you can only get like around 400mbit connection on ipv6. its not fault of the ipv6, its just the hardware that tomato use (broadcom) is not really that designed far enough to support ipv6, not even now. all ipv6 are done on software no hw acceleration implementation yet.

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  • Thank you, Polka for the assistance through and through.

    Out of frustration last night, I configured tomato to bridge mode to confirm ipv6 flows but in the process I forgot to give tomato an ip address. Ayun, had to reset and reconfigure everything, lol.
  • Is your IPV6 reachable from the outside? I have been struggling to reach my IPV6 from outside but it can't be reach.

    <click here for link>

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  • any update rito if napagana ung ipv6?
  • i just recently discovered this IPv6 sa pldt home. This is working on my end

    This is our setup
    Pldt home router <> Asus Router(RT-N12HP_B1) <> Computer

    PLDT Configuration:
    Network >> Broadband Settings >> IP Mode >> IPv4 & IPv6

    Asus Router:
    IPv6 >> Connection type >> Passthrough

    This is the trace route from my computer

    Tracing route to [2404:6800:4008:802::200e]
    over a maximum of 30 hops:

    1 1 ms 1 ms <1 ms 2001:4451:8343:bc00:****:54ff:fecd:f34
    2 3 ms 1 ms 2 ms 2001:4451:8343:bc00:****:fff:fed3:9780
    3 5 ms 2 ms 3 ms 2001:4450:10:1a6::1
    4 2 ms 3 ms 2 ms 2001:4450:10:1a7::
    5 108 ms 9 ms 3 ms 2001:4450:8:6000::d
    6 14 ms 16 ms 5 ms 2001:4450:0:6000::4b
  • I went through this recently with PLDT FIBR and an Asus router with FreshTomato firmware. My ONU is configured in bridge mode by PLDT.

    It works, but there is an issue.

    Under IPv6 Configuration, I have IPv6 Service Type set to: DHCPv6 with Prefix Delegation.
    Prefix Length: 56
    I also have Static DNS set to a local pihole server, but you could use an IPv6 of a public dns server like google or cloudflare. The IPv6 dns servers provisioned by PLDT are non-functional every time I've checked, not that you'd want to use them, anyway.

    The issue is that the IPv6 network will take anywhere from 1-20 minutes to become functional after the router boots or restarts. I did a lot of troubleshooting for this, including wireshark captures on the router. I could be missing something, but from the captures I did:

    PLDT isn't responding to Router Solicitation messages.
    RA's (router advertisements) are sent out on a fixed interval of 20 minutes, instead of being randomized as the standard calls for.

    So you have to wait to get the RA on schedule before IPv6 will be functional. And if it's missed, for some reason (connectivity issue or router being rebooted for instance), you could have an IPv6 outage until the next RA is received.

    For more details than you probably want to know, just search google for "FreshTomato IPv6, clients stop working after router reboot" to get the discussion.

    I had disabled IPv6 not to deal with this, but after about 3 years with PLDT FIBR they just switched me to CGNAT, so I don't have a public IPv4 anymore, so I'm dealing with it again.

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  • Hi,
    just want to ask... Para po san ung IPv6? thanks
  • Hey Everyone,

    I switched to XWRT-Vortex FW after having gone through random reboot issues. I was already experiencing those issues before but it usually happens once a week. The 2020 releases though have gotten worse, sometimes, the reboot occurs twice or three times a day. I switched to Vortex to test its stability and it's been 3 weeks already since my last (intended) restart.

    As a side note, Vortex firmware has IPv6 passthrough and it has been working fine for my R7000 so far with some minor issues on the Network Map (don't use it, not a big deal).

    @znex: Read
  • Hello po! ask ko lang kung may ano bang dapat gawin pagnakaka-connect yung kapitbahay namin almost 4 years na? na-try ko na lahat ng features ng modem router ng pldt (mac filter, hide ssid, change pass,). Pag in-off namin yung router nawawala sila at umaalis siya. Anong sofware application po kaya gamit nya?Blood Security WiFi hacker? thanks