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DC Inverter Aircon Thread (Aircon roundup and FAQ on page 1)

  • sheilababes Send Message View User Items on 11 Jan 21 @ 01:36 PM - User is online #
    thanks for all your replies. all the while i thought it’s ok to have an oversized unit in a small room and then higher temp. will try 26-25 and that filter, too. Thank you!

    there's nothing wrong with over sizing the AC for a room, let's just say you simply overdone making it way too much for the size of your room. hopefully makuha sya sa temp tweaks and with the photocatalytic filter.
    keep us posted.
  • looks like im set at cool 25-totally no asim smell. sa 26 may slight na asim e. lowest fan setting pareho yan. maybe the filter that musicgeek suggested might help at 26. we’ll see about that.

    another question: will my electric consumption be higher since hindi namamatay ang compressor at 25?
  • ^lower AC set temp means higher consumption of course. Kaya advantageous pa din IMO oversized AC as your set temp can be higher yet you achieve the same cooling effect of a "sakto lang" na AC capacity set at lower temp. Yan nga lang meron pa lang unpleasant smell. Malamig din kasi panahon lately that's why your AC compressor stops running but come summer, I think you can use your AC 27°C and the foul smell issue will just solve itself by then.

    Then seriously consider installing a photocatalytic filter for your aircon.. Kakainstall ko lang kagabi and pansin ko na agad yung improvement sa air sa room.

    Eto yung photocatalytic filter sa Shopee: Check out Kkala Air Filter for Dakine MCK57LMV2 MC70KMV2 Daikin purifier at 55% off! ?100 only. Get it on Shopee now! <click here for link>

    Canvass mo na lang kung meron pa mas mura pati sa Lazada. You need one piece lang at madaming AC Unit na magagamitan mo nyan as you just need to cut/install around 1/7 portion size of it vs your main filter. Meron provision yan Unitech wt for that small filter.

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  • Medyo mahal po ang benta sa inyo nung thermistor.. I believe wala pang 1k ang pyeza na yun sa Cubao so long as you have the part code. But if you're not handy with electronics repair, I guess acceptable na yung 3.5k.

    Actually nagsearch din ako and nasa 800-1k sa online shopping site yung part, pero I guess pwede na din since ang kinakaba ko ay worst case, damaged yung outdoor PCB. But the unit I got is a steal kaya kahit gumastos ako ng repairs okay na din.
    It's my first unit, so hindi pa ganoon ka confident even if kaya naman. Had them do it since sila na din naman nag install
  • Sarap ng weather today. I've barely turned on my AC . Kaya din kadalasan nag stop compressor even at higher set temp.

    AC's off now. Kanina umaga ko pa pinatay sa lagay na yan.

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  • I’m also an advocate of oversizing ACs. The reasoning behind the oversizing is the “overhead” cooling capacity since inverters can slow down the compressor nga as the set temp is reached. So it’s easier to cool the room and at the same time the compressor can slow down instead of staying at high power trying to cool the room thereby lessening power consumption. But there is a downside to this. As with conventional ACs, if your AC can cool your room so fast, it doesnt have the time to remove as much humidity as it would if it was properly sized (or just a bit oversized). So lalamig pa din yung room mo pero it will be humid maybe around 65-70% humidity. Pinaka ramdam tong effect na to pag cool weather. Like now. In the case of sheilababes, her AC is a bit too oversized for the space tapos 27c target temp. Eh since the ambient temp is cooler these days, the compressor most of the time stays off kasi ang bilis ma reach ng target temp. Mostly naka fan lang. That’s what’s causing the smell.

    Kaya IMO kelangan hanapin yung happy medium between a “sakto lang” AC size (na posibleng underpowered pag summer) and an exteremely overpowered AC that can cause too much humidity and odors like sheilababes exeperiences.

    In my case, i have a 2hp for around a 14-16 sqm room. In the summer, my set temp is 26c with fan mostly on auto. Pag cool weather like right now, my set temp is 25c auto fan. Pag umuulan, i’m sometimes forced to use dry mode or lower my set temp to 24c lowest fan setting just to lower humidity levels to around 55-60%. Running almost 24/7 with these settings, my monthly consumption for this 2hp ranges from 1,200 (cool months) to 1,600 (summer). I think saktong oversized lang yung 2hp ko for my room.
  • ^maganda yata magparamdam si @mmb to share his experience over time with the super oversized Daikin 2.5hp on 13sqm room nya. Yung 28°C can lower his ambient temp down to 23°C IIRC with minimal power consumption. Summer pa yata nya natest that time. Really tempting to get bigger than this 2hp daikin on a 17sqm room for my next purchase. But I guess kung may cons nga like what @cmaroket mentioned, really need to think twice about it.
  • ^i haven't seen mmb since godai started this new thread. baka hindi pa nya alam.
  • Should I go oversize for 10.5 sqm room? or 1hp ST is enough? direct sunlight but with blacked out curtains.
  • inverter compressor can slow down, but there is a minimum speed it can slow down before going zero (OFF) and if your inverter compressor minimum cooling capacity is more than what the room needs then it will just short cycle...
  • Should I go oversize for 10.5 sqm room? or 1hp ST is enough? direct sunlight but with blacked out curtains.

    oversize mo to 1.5hp bro
    direct sunlight sa isang wall
    10 sq meter din sakin, switch to 1.5hp mas bumaba pa consumption
  • lucky023 Send Message View User Items on 12 Jan 21 @ 02:27 AM #
    Should I go oversize for 10.5 sqm room? or 1hp ST is enough? direct sunlight but with blacked out curtains.

    i opted for a 1.5hp ST for my 11m2 room. a wall and window with heavy tint and curtain facing west, room with decent insulation.
    petiks mode lang AC ko kahit summer. you'll get a good enough headroom with 1.5hp.
  • thanks bro ninja and statix, noted.

    kaya lang mukang hindi nag accept ng cc installment si ray and j
  • ^You can try your card's "to cash" feature like bpi credit to cash or metrobank cash to go. Meron nga lang 1.5% something per month interest yan.
  • I agree with oversizing an inverter air conditioner by half horsepower per Musicgeek and Godai’s advices.

    Our 41sqm living/dining/kitchen area has three windows and a glass sliding door—never natatamaan ng sun directly even the outdoor unit and very ideal ang install location ng outdoor unit.

    Rosarito Industries (very nice people and reliable, heard nothing but good things about them) surveyed the area and said that a 2.5HP D Smart Queen or King series will be more than enough for the space. Insulated and sealed rin kasi.

    Pero wala sila available that time so we went with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries SRK71ZR na 3HP. Sabi nga ni Musicgeek diako magsisisi.

    Our Meralco bill went down from 7700 pesos a month to 5900-5700 consistently @24C or 23C (12-19 hours a day) maski 37C sa labas namamatay pa kung minsan and never went above 490 watts.

    Hindi na bugbog yung unit, matipid na, comfortable kapa for years and years to come. Masakit lang jump from 2.5HP to 3HP pero I’d like to think that it’s money well spent.

    BTW happy new year people!

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  • Pwede na ba 38k for 1.5HP Daikin DSmart Queen with free installation?
  • lucky023 Send Message View User Items on 15 Jan 21 @ 06:10 AM #
    Pwede na ba 38k for 1.5HP Daikin DSmart Queen with free installation?

    mahal pa yan, you can get it as low as 35K.
    search Ray n J's enterprises.
  • Hi sa lahat, planning to buy ng ST AC. Baka mag Daikin ako or LG. Ang room ko ay maliit lang nasa 5.8 sqm lang, mababa lang din ang kisame. Ako lang naman ang tao sa room, parang mini office sya. Meron ako desktop PC at isang TV dun sa room at isang bed. Ok na po ba ang 0.8 HP? Baka kasi overkill na ang 1HP. Thank you po in advance!
  • @lucky023
    taga paranaque ka ba, try mo din dito na pinakabitan ko, Rosarito Industries sa better living lang office nila 37k yata updated price nila ng 1.5hp queen incl installation & delivery. Authorized dealer din ng daikin. natanggap sila ng BDO at Home credit

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  • @gambitwap
    hi po, parehas po tayo ng room size around 6-7 sqm, nag pa install po kame ng Daikin D-Smart 0.8HP and kayang kaya nya po and super tipid po tlga, around Php 1,500-1,700 savings sa electricity coming from 1HP Non Inverter aircon. salamat
  • @Hemisphere18
    Salamat I will go for 0.8HP na lang siguro 3k din kasi difference sa 1.0HP ng Daikin.
  • @gambitwap
    basta well insulated lng yung room then should be better, may nakita po ako sa fb marketpalce 0.8HP Dsmart po mga 24k kasama na installation but d ko lng po alam kung authorized dealer sila but as per this forum c Ray & J po ang isa sa mga authorized at ok din naman ang pricing.

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  • Salamat I will go for 0.8HP na lang siguro 3k din kasi difference sa 1.0HP ng Daikin.
    mas lalo tipid yan if 1hp
  • ^+1
    sa 1 hp na ako.
  • @Hemisphere18
    Balak ko kasi d smart queen ng daikin nasa 29.5k yung 0.8 nila then yung 1.0hp 32.5k Sa Bulacan ako at meron naman dealer dito na galing mismo sa website ng Daikin. Gaano na po katagal Daikin nyo, ok naman po ba?

    @ninjababez @statix
    Sabagay meron PC sa room, yung cpu nya eh dagdag sa heatload. Thanks po baka nga mag 1.0HP na ko.

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  • By experience, ok naman Daikin Elite series sakin (old premium version of King). Mag 2 yrs na this April of heavy usage. Same quality as my defunct Panasonic sans the added features. Good thing with Daikin is it has 3 years pcb warranty now and parts are cheaper compared to Panasonic. Admittedly, I do miss some of Panasonic features but I'd trade that anytime for the extended warranty & more affordable parts.
  • Good Day sa inyo.

    Share ko lang (FYI)

    My electric appliances :
    Ref 9.8 2 door cubic Ft.
    2 pcs 16 inches Electric fan
    2 set Desktop PC
    2 Laptop, 4 Celfon
    Internet modem
    32 inch LED TV
    21 inch conventional TV
    9 LED buld (9 watts and 12 watts)
    1 hp Daikin Queen inverter ST (with submeter)
    1 hp TCL inverter ST (with submeter)

    Nov 24 to Dec 25 ,2020 Electric Bill
    Php 1,457 @ 171 KWH
    8.52 pesos per KWH

    Room 1 @ 10 square meter
    1 HP Daikin Queen inverter ST (Oct 27, 2020 installed)
    AC setting 26 to 27 degrees Celsius, auto fan, Econo and Quiet
    21.32 KWH total KWH used
    296 hours used
    Php 181.65 for 21.32 KWH (296 hours)
    Php 0.61 centavos per hour

    Room 2 @ 8.5 square meter
    1 hp TCL inverter ST (entry level) Nov 24, 2020 installed
    AC setting 26 to 27 degrees Celsius, auto fan, Eco
    10.53 KHW used
    59 Hours used
    Php 89.72 for 10.53 KWH @ 59 hours
    Php 1.52 pesos per hour

    NOTE: each AC ST had Submeter installed to monitor KWH.
    Eto ang result sa mga DATA na nakuha ko for 1 month Electric Billing.

    Baka po may mali sa computation ko, please correct me kung may mali.
  • ^tama naman ang computations mo. panalong panalo na yan electric bill mo considering you have 2 AC running, tho yun TCL nagamit lang for 59hrs. pero kahit pa, sobrang menos pa rin yung konsumo ng daikin for a month's bill cycle. around 9hrs++ operation per day(?) and it really proves that 26~27C setting is the sweet spot talaga.
    may ibababa pa yan kung mababawasan pa ang gamit nung 2 electric fans.
  • @jhe

    Lovely data you have there.. It really shows that higher tiered aircon are more efficient than entry-level ones.

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  • @statix

    may ibababa pa yan kung mababawasan pa ang gamit nung 2 electric fans.

    2 Electric Fans ginagamit ko lang pag nasa Dinning at Living room kami.

    @Godai_Yusaku [TS]
    Tama ka, my next purchase ng Aircon will be Daikin ulit kahit na malayu ang PRICE nila.