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Help building PC for someone in the Philippines

  • Mabuhay!

    I'm trying to help out my nephew in-law in the Philippines build his first proper PC. But I am just having trouble figuring out the different retailers over there.

    He currently resides in the Cavite region thus his closest PC retailer I think is, but they don't seem to have much stock, so I've been told.

    Currently we are now trying Dynaquest, as I've heard good things about them after researching on the internet, however they have this stupid rule where we can only purchase a A320m motherboard if we want the Ryzen 3300x. A B450 motherboard will require a purchase of a Ryzen 5. Either they are doing that to improve sales or they are just low on stock on motherboards due to this whole unfortunate covid situtation.

    Are there any other store options we can look at?
    Is shipping in the Philippines reliable enough for high value items? (my partner thinks it isn't).

    This is the PC build we are currently looking at:

    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you!

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  • You have to give up on the 3300x. The stock circulating locally is from the grey market and very limited. You will only see bundles and outrageous markups.

    It's either you go with a 2600($40 cheaper than 3300x) or 3600($40 more expensive than 3300x) right now or wait for another month for supplies to normalize.

    A520 motherboards will also be out by then so B450's might be cheaper too.