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FortiClient VPN cannot connect using CONVERGE

  • Please help! sino po dito nakaka experience ng mabagal or hindi makaconnect yung forticlient vpn. I'm using converge po. Mataas naman Mbps nya pero di makaconnect. ??Please help sino nakakaalam ng solution. Sobrang stressful na kasi ilang days na din ganito. Dito pa naman kami umaasa kasi work from home.Thank you so much po sa makakapansin neto.
  • that is normal. converge is actually discriminating protocols other than port 80 and 443. so if you try to download something other than those ports, your speed will be tanked.

    although some subscriber this is not the case, pero since the company I worked on is now relying heavily on WFH so I need to setup the VPN servers (openvpn in my case) to work reliably and some of the employees there are using converge as their ISP, this is the no.1 issue that we always encounter. of course adjust the VPN server to port 443 fixed the issue.
  • thank you for your response po. Already tried 443 but unfortunately ayaw padin. Recommended po bang gamitin ung openvpn para sa converge?
  • ^yan kasi gamit namin to make the clients (employees) connected to company's network. we can use other protocols like cisco vpn, ipsec etc.... pero lahat yan meron NAT traversal issue sa mga client (in short hindi sila maka connect, kung maka connect man bigla na lang na disconnect randomly), with OpenVPN kasi treated lahat ng traffic nya as standard TCP/UDP packets, nothing special other than the packets are encrypted. well in short, less headache for us if we use OpenVPN and its free.
  • openvpn din gamit namin so far wala naman problema since covid, linux/window clients
  • Hi po. Newbie here. We are also currently working from home with Converge as our ISP.

    We have a 35Mbps subscription but when connected via Cisco VPN, connection goes down to less than 1Mbps.

    Sa mga workmates namin na nakaPLDT or Globe, wala naman silang ganong issue. May workaround po ba?
  • ^normal na po yan, sumuko narin kami sa Converge and instead have them used some other tools like zoom or google drive or something, VPN will not just work with converge.

    sa ngayun sa company, if you want a seamless vpn connection, get Globe/PLDT internet connection. For Converge, no choice sila with the inconvenient messenger+zoom+google drive setup for them, kung mamalasin kelangan nilang pumasok sa office or they will be assumed absent.

    maybe you can just file a complaint kay converge, sila kasi yung source ng problema.