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SpaceX Starlink Satellite Internet 99usd a month

  • @lollerskater
    Yep, I received the email yesterday. Looks like they will start rolling out here later this year.
  • ang down fall talaga ng satelite internet was the lag 26,000 miles going up and another 26,000 going down
    the only thing starlink brought new is lowering the satelite orbit to lessen the distance and ping and
    spacex lowering the cost of space launch has enabled alot of low orbit satellite to act as gigantic mesh network
    thou astronomers are complaining about it interferes with their observation of space
  • I've read before that 5G might enable the reality of self driving cars but tingin ko this spacex tech will be more appropriate for that application and it will cover a greater area.
  • If I got some spare cash gusto ko din masubukan ito, although from where I live, puro fiber na andito.
  • For those thinking of buying into Starlink be aware that the total cost over a 24 month period is 6k/month without tax. This includes the cost of the satellite $500 & $99/month internet fee.

    So if you're looking for cheap unlimited internet then do not bother with this.

    This service should only be looked at by people without internet in their area.
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    Some good reading.

    So if you're looking for cheap unlimited internet then do not bother with this.

    Ofcourse, bagong technology pa eh. Nokia 5110 ba nung una lumabas magkano. but imagine the possibilities kung widely implemented na siya and pang everyday prices na siya, hopefully there will be a point kahit ung mga mangingisda naten in the middle of the sea eh nakakapg FB Live na.
  • @divhon

    Economies of scale will eventually bring down pricing but today's use case of satellite internet is to reach people living in very remote or very low density areas of the country that is too expensive to service even with 4G/5G towers.

    The break even point of Starlink to my understanding would be 2 million global subscribers.

    Based on the ARPU of dsl/fiber that is ~1,400.00 and 4G/5G that is ~600.0 tells 6k/month without tax will only benefit adults making more than 140k/month, national govt, LGUs, organizations and companies.

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  • Their pricing is better than Cignal's satellite internet service (aka Cignal connect), ang baba pa ng bandwidth ng sa Cignal.