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SpaceX Starlink Satellite Internet 99usd a month

  • @LRTan there is a 1TB limit but I don't think it's in effect yet. The rumors around say that the the cap may be enforced on April.

    @Kaufman is correct, the cap is pretty large for the average user and it's pretty hard to shoot over it. It is a bit unfortunate that there are caps despite a verbal promise of having none, but hopefully that can be remediated by more sats in the future.
  • I'm getting Starlink Roam.
  • @flipinX have you gotten the mobility plan already? iirc the plans have all changed so i'm not sure which is which (at least they still honor residential+portaibility setups)

    anyway, update after 3 months of deployment with a dish on the roof:
    - speeds are now 200 down, 20 up (just as advertised)
    - ping has now been reduced to 30ms
    - obstruction map now has the upper azimuth with sats (wasn't like this until early May)
    - they actually have working ipv6 with a /56 prefix, but i haven't tested connection quality as my firewall is stuck on v4 (thank you globe, very nice)
  • medyo hindi ko magets yung pause-unpause ng roaming. so 1 month consumeable sya na pwede ipause-unpause?
  • ^
    kelangan mo ipause 1 week ata before last day of the paid month para wag ka macharge for the next month. and yes, it will still work until the 30th day.
  • And after typhoons, cell towers also usually get repaired/restored first vs fiber/DSL/VDSL. Sometimes it's the only connectivity available during such weather conditions.

    Sorry for bumping an old thread,
    It depends on the area, sa condo namin, hindi nasira ung VDSL Line at all, during Odette, I'm not sure how, but I'm suspecting ung DSLAM ay nasa premises at protected sa hangin at ulan, and ung fiber optics going out the building ay nakalatag underground.
    What I experienced during the typhoon was just high latency and selective browsing, probably due to inter-island fiber cuts due to the typhoon, naayos naman din nila mga 2 days, probably nag rerouting lang.

    Now compared to the cell sites, it took them mga 3 months to stabilize the LTE signal, and an additional 1 month to restore 5G signal, citing lack of electricity from power companies. That's 3 months with 3G signal and putol2 na calls on VoLTE, had to use VoWiFi and FEMTO cell para makatawag.

    I'm also glad that napa ka proactive ng condo admin namin sa communication sa ISP kasi they also migrated our lines to GPON just last month.
  • almost done and tested modifying the router. pwede na sya either 110/220v or 12v power input. kelangan nalang ipermanent yung wirings para fully water resistant

    tapos na din iconvert sa flat mount ang v2 dishy

  • finally tested working, kahit na moving ang vehicle with regular roam service

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