To my fellow gamers, I just wanted to share my experience with this stunning gaming monitor from MSI, Optix G27C4 it is amazing that they made this monitor for gaming or even for editing (w/ 90%-120% srgb). My favorite part of this monitor it has a resolution of 1920x1080 (FHD) which is excellent in gaming graphics, together with 1MS response rate to avoid tearing and ruffled frame rate, Including 165hz for better and smooth gaming experience! isn't it awesome?

I bought this because I'm a big fan of MSI well I'm also a gamer, this monitor fits my needs for my gaming apps. Not also interested in different brand ,since I'm using MSI product since my first rig came out good!

My expectation for this product is exceptional , it suits my needs. I'm happy because of its performance in gaming and its 170degree wide view angle, frameless , anti-flicker and less blue light (to prevent eye fatigue).

So far, I'm not a super technical in terms of rigs, Its just that I'm a gamer and I'm okay with its specs nonetheless.

Gamers i recommending Msi products for your future rigs! all hail MSI.