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Getting data back from 2005 (a IDE/PATA drive)

  • Hi guys may mga nahanap akong sobrang lumang IDE/PATA drive dito sa bahay namin and was wondering if may cable ba na nag coconvert ng IDE/PATA power&data hard drive to SATA power&data cable kasi wala akong IDE/PATA ports sa desktop ko.

    Wag sana IDE/PATA to USB kasi mas mabagal pag kopya nun if ever malapit na mag fail yung drive. Gusto ko sana kopyahin kagad lahat ng laman ng drive. Any help is appreciated
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    There are a number of possible approaches:

    * USB 3.0 to IDE adapter (order online, looks like there are local sellers)
    * IDE to SATA converter (use Item search)
    * borrow old desktop PC :P
    * PCI IDE controller card (if your motherboard still has PCI slots)
    * PCI Express IDE controller card (may have to order from overseas)
  • @awakeruze
    I said USB is a last resort for me.
    PCI cards dont fit for my current small form factor pc

    If it isn't too much to ask, can you like give me a link from lazada or just an image of what an ideal ide-to-sata connection should look like? I was expecting there was a set of cable of ide-power-to-sata-power cable and ide-data-to-sata-data cable pero parang di ako makahanap.

    I found this one
    <click here for link>
    The only thing that seems missing here ^ is yung IDE power?

    <click here for link>
    ^ Should this be okay?

    Do ide drives also require 1.5A and 5V ?
  • why not just go buy a USB 3.0 to IDE/SATA adapter instead? one thing for sure, USB 3 speeds is much faster than IDE (even with the highest 133 bus type IDE). Kung wala kang USB 3.0 ports then I guess that's a valid point.

    as for your IDE adapter needs, the 2nd link should work fine, the first link you posted is for 2.5inch laptop ide drives. you may also need to buy some extra adapters as well (specially kung wala kang extra molex power connector sa PSU mo (eg a SATA to Molex adapter).