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Official Xiaomi WiFi 6 Routers Thread

  • The aim of discussion threads like this is to share knowledge. Readers of this thread also include people who are considering getting a mesh wifi setup and would like to get educated about it before investing.

    I see a lot of posts about people getting a mesh wifi but are disappointed by the performance. The common response to those people has been to get a wired backhaul. I get a sense that those people are frustrated in that after investing in a mesh setup they are advised to further invest in a physical lan.
    I’m just pointing out an alternative. It may not help the original poster in particular or those who have already invested in a mesh network but it will help those who are researching about it.

    BTW in an all AP setup you can set the SSID to be the same for all APs. No need to manually connect everytime if you transfer to a different place. If the phone won’t let go of a farther AP even with the signal is very low, manually toggling the wifi on the phone will allow it to connect to the stronger AP. It’s an annoyance for sure but the user can judge for himself how much that annoyance is worth.
  • You also need to consider the appearance.

    Most standard routers are hideous. While most mesh, e.i. the mentioned Deco M4 and Xiaomi AX3000 have no unsightly antenna.
  • ^Again you make your own judgment how much the appearance is worth to you.
  • Wireless mesh kasi usually is targetted sa hindi masyadong techie. Everything can be setup using app. Very convenient para sa user.
  • basta i limit lang ang discussion on what the thread is about and we're good to go... otherwise... use "message"...