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Official Xiaomi WiFi 6 Routers Thread

  • @maxx6740

    Pashare ng store? puros 5k pa AX3600 eh
  • @maxx6740

    Your other AX3600 is in repeater mode? or both connected sa modem wirelessly?
  • Your other AX3600 is in repeater mode?

    Ako na sasagot ^_^

    Looks like in mesh mode. Though may repeater mode din sya, I would highly discourage repeater mode. Instead use mesh mode.
  • @emilbook

    Thanks! ahh may meshmode talaga na mode?

    Sa luma kong Xiaomi 4A kasi wala pang meshmode, repeater mode pa lang.
  • @ardenglennp

    Lahat ng AX routers ng Xiaomi at Redmi ay capable ng mesh routing. Pwede mo sila pagsama-samahin sa mesh network mo kung gusto mo.
  • thanks @binny
  • Naka sale! time to buy na
  • I too have 2 AX3600's in a mesh setup.
  • 1 lang muna binili kong AX3600 at 4400. naubusan agad ng voucher eh
  • Salamat emilbook... Yung "Wi-Fi Easy Connect" pala yung bwisit na hidden na yun... :P
  • Hi Everyone! For ax3600 (China Variant) Users, may naka flash na ba ng english firmware (Global).

    sa mga nabasa ko weaker daw ang signal is it true?
  • @all

    I have question , paano po gawing mesh yong ax1800 ko po bale ang setup ko po is

    ISP Router (Bridge Mode to) > AX3600 > AX1800 (connected through lan port from AX3600)

    Naka Relay Mode ata o Repeater mode yong ax1800 pagka kabit ko kasi galing ax3600 prang ang autosetup na siya d ako pinapili kong mesh mode? Sorry for the noob question po.
  • Quick question lang, may VPN ba ang mga Xiaomi router?
  • ^
    may VPN, via PPTP/L2TP

    Anybody na naka-VPN ng SURFSHARK sa AX3600?
  • I have 2 mesh ax3600 for almost a year now.

    Lately, converge acts weird as my child router disconnects to the mother.

    I do not know why. The only reason i can think is due to wifi interference nearby.

    tried turning off and problem still there.

    It worked again by a full reset and configuring everything same as the first.

    Mother and child connection is acting weird. Sometimes connected sometimes not.

    I am beginning to doubt my current setup.

    Thinking of buying one ax9000 soon. Looking for sellers nearing 999rmb.

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  • Got the AX9000 today via shopee.

    One hour since installed looks good. Did not mesh it with the old AX3600. Mukhang kaya naman

    Mas mataas ang amp nito kesa sa ax3600. old amp is .7A, new amp is 2A.

    The 5g game band doubles my speed. Amazing. Yung 100mbps nagiging 200+mbps. I do not know why. Still testing it.

  • had time to mesh.

    former ax3600 gateway does not mesh to ax9000

    former ax3600 child was able to mesh to ax9000

  • Does the ax9000 comes with english interface?
  • @frequency

    the default is Chinese interface but you can translate the page using browsers like Firefox or chrome.