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Wifi Router brand that has logs of incoming and outgoing connections for each IP

  • I remember having this feature a decade ago sa router namin na d-link. It shows the local IP, the external IP it is connecting to, and the port.

    I remember this is where I caught my brother in law na gumagamit ng torrent using our wifi. Kaya pala bumabagal. Eh 1 to 2 mbps lang speed ng DSL noon. ????

    Anyway, my current wifi router is TP-link and it doesn't have those features. I don't know kung ganun pa rin interface ng d-link, I don't even know kung available pa rin locally d-link. Can anyone suggest a brand that has tha feature?
  • newifi3 d2 with Openwrt firmware. pag walang openwrt firmware either ask the seller to install it for you or install it for your self (may youtube tutorial naman).

    after that, you can just go to openwrt, its under Status >> Realtime Graphs, after that click the Connections Tab.

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