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Yet Another pfSense Issue

  • Greetings to All!

    Am having headache with my pfSense Box (or my internet). Any insights/info is appreciated.
    We have PLDT FibR (in bridge mode)
    pfSense version: 2.5.2
    WAN (in DCHP)
    LAN (

    pfSense is almost vanilla (very minimal tweaks).

    For some reasons..., I am getting a very high state table size (3k to 8k)... ping is around/approx 2k (RTT|RTTsd) and there is very minimal connections going on, CPU is in idle(see screenshot)

    When I browse the state table, I see:
    udp (max: 81k)
    tcp (max: 16k)
    icmp (max: 3.9k)

    the 'states' seem to be "stuck" or might be looping on my network... (this will happen some parts of the day, observed around 2 to 5 instance or maybe more)

    This is almost driving me nuts ^_^ help!

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