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Intel ARC (Alchemist/Battlemage/Celestial/Druid)

  • Intel is officially entering the dGPU market as the third player.

    Interesting tidbits from Architecture Day 2021:

    First gen will be codenamed Alchemist.

    So far, full DX12 Ultimate compliance has been confirmed so ARC will have dedicated hardware ray tracing, mesh shading, VRS and sampler feedback support.

    Intel Arc will have XMX units which are basically Intel's equivalent to Nvidia Turing and Ampere's Tensor cores. These XMX units will be used to provide hardware acceleration to XeSS AI upscaling which is basically a copy of Nvidia's DLSS 2.0 Intel claims that XeSS will operate in two mode modes. Hardware accelerated via XMX units which are exclusive to ARC GPUs and DP4a emulation (with higher overhead) which will work with supported AMD and Nvidia GPUs and will be open sourced with the aim for wider industry adoption.

    Expected launch will be Q1 2022.
  • Buhayin ang thread! hehe

    Malapit na. Meron na sa China.

  • I'm setting my expectations low for ARC GPUs...
  • I'm setting my expectations low for ARC GPUs...

    That's expected. Others did not excel on their first time. Did you watch the A380 review?

    Other initial third party reviews will soon be out. Will have to see if it sucks or not.

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  • That's expected. Others did not excel on their first time. Did you watch the A380 review?

    Not yet. But from what I've heard, Intel is starting with mid-range GPUs first. We'll see where the price to performance ratio will end up. That would be the first metric to make a good impression with the reviewers, I guess...provided that their review/launch drivers are up to snuff.

    Weird seeing Tom Petersen doing technical marketing interviews/presentations for Intel instead of Nvidia but very educational as always. I learned the intricacies of complicated topics like monitor variable refresh rate, multi-gpu rendering, frame pacing, low-level API's like DX12 and Vulkan, etc. from his presentations on the PC Perspective YouTube channel back in the day. He has a knack for explaining highly technical stuff and making them a bit more digestible for gamers who have a tendency to nerd out about the inner workings of their gaming rigs.

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  • Price/Performance looks good. Remember that Nvidia GPUs still sell above their MSRP.

    In terms of performance :
    A750 > RTX 3060
    A770 > or = RTX 3060ti

    Both the A750 and the A770 will have MSRPs lower than their Nvidia/AMD counterparts.

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  • Sana maganda yung drivers ng intel arc pati lumang games sana walang issue
  • ^ I think 2nd gen ARC GPUs (Battlemage) are the ones that I would maybe consider. Parang nangangapa palang talaga sila sa Alchemist (ARC 1st gen). At least, that's the impression I got from this interview:

  • May review na ang GN sa A770
  • DX12 only daw ang ARC, and will struggle compared sa 3060 in DX9 games like CSGO
  • ^
    specifically DX12 / Vulkan at Resizable BAR ON
  • Hopefully kunin ng local distro ng Intel yung Arc LE cards.
  • Compatibility with older games bums me out. But it's a nice alternative for 6600/3060 cards.
  • possible kaya na kapag nag improve drivers eh may incease sa price?
    hindi advisable bumili ng intel arc when it is available, balak yata nila gawing beta tester mga consumer.
  • Hindi naman siguro sa ngayon hehe. Yung AMD nagstart din with bad drivers.
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  • Kung tinupad lang ng Intel yung pricing based sa lowest performance okay lang.

    For DX11 & older games kasi mas mahina pa yung A750 sa 6600/3050, pero okay naman kung puro DX12 AAA games lalaruin mo lalo na kung 1440P, natatalo niya 6600XT & 3060.

    Sulit naman siya kung wala kang paki sa games running on older API's pero for 17k ($289) konti nalang 6650XT na.

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