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NVidia GeForce RTX 40 Series & AMD Radeon RX7000 Series (NVidia & AMD News, Updates and Help Desk)

  • NVidia's Lovelace and AMD's RDNA 3 are going to collide head on as the next generation graphics cards to power your PC. The GeForce RTX 40 Series will succeed the RTX 30 Series while the RX7000 Series will succeed the RX6000 series. The GeForce RTX 30 Series won against the RX6000 Series. Will the RX7000 level the playing field against the upcoming GeForce 40 Series this late 2022?

    NVidia that has a consistent 2 year life cycle of their current generation of graphics cards before releasing the next generation, the RTX 40 Series is rumored to be released from August up to December 2022. RTX 4090 will be first released from August to September release window, RTX 4080 from October to November and RTX 4070 last week of November until Christmas of December 2022. The cycle repeats its self again releasing the most expensive graphics card going to the cheaper one but of course the RTX 4060 will be the cheapest but without a release date for now so expect a 2023 1st to 2nd quarter release window. Going to the side of AMD their Radeon RX7000 Series release date will be November 2022. Starting from 7800 going up to 7950 XT, the release date is November 2022 while the cheaper 7700 and 7700 XT will be released by January of 2023.

    Are you going to upgrade your graphics card to RTX 40 or RX7000 series if you are using the 10th, 11th and 12th generation Intel CPU or an AMD Ryzen 2000, 3000 and 5000 series? Or maybe you are assembling a new PC based on the Intel 13 Generation Raptor Lake or an AMD Ryzen 7000 to pair with the RTX 40 or RX7000 series and then partnering it with a DDR5 Memory? Whether you are on the Blue Boys (Intel) or Red Boys (AMD) side it will be your own preference.

    NVidia RTX 40 Series


    A.M.D Radeon RX7000 Series

  • bababa kaya mga prices nito? haiz, with the oil price hikes, soaring inflation, etc etc. who knows..

    but damn would want one <3
  • The Rumored Geforce RTX 4090 Ti have these specifications:

    Base on the AD102-350? With 144 SM Units, 18432 Cuda Cores, 24 GB GDDR6X & 384-bit Memory Bus, 24 Gbps Memory Clock, 1.15 TB/s Bandwidth, 600W TGP and using One 16-pin power connector.

    This is a promising specifications if you will ask me but the turn off is its 600w power draw forcing you to upgrad your power supply if you are only using a 550w to 750w. At least the minimum power supply you should be using if you are powering more PC components inside your case should 850w because if you are playing ultra graphical settings on games that is graphics card hungry for sure your low watts power supply will not be enough.

    NVidia released the RTX 3090 Ti last March 29, 2022, more than a year after NVidia released their RTX 30 Series back in September 2020. If NVidia will release their 4090 Ti after a year of RTX 40 Series release it will be a bad move for them because only a few months of waiting will be the right choice to do for PC Enthusiast to buy the up coming next generation. It will suffer the same fate like the RTX 3090 Ti, expensive, late release and the additional frame rate it gives on the games you will play is only minimal from 6 to 13 FPS improvement only even if you are using 64GB of DDR5 Memory and only 6 months away of waiting of the release of the RTX 40 Series which is newer and more powerful, a wise move before spending your hard earned cash! Then even before January 2022, there was already a rumor that the RTX 40 Series is on its way to be a final product for end users to buy and is already being planned for release. The right time for NVidia to release the RTX 4090 Ti if they will make one which is a high probability is early 2023 one month after the release of their cheaper more mainstream graphics card RTX 4060. If this will be their strategy, end users of the 4090 Ti will have more than a year to enjoy their new FLAGSHIP GRAPHICS CARD! The 3090 Ti suffered from its much higher price and its performance to give more Frame Rate Per Second is so abysmal! It was a bad choice of graphics card for a gamer even the 3090. In some cases when playing games, the RTX 3080 Ti can beat the 3090 Ti.

    AMD is gearing up with their Radeon RX7000 Series. They are preparing to compete against NVidia's RTX 4090 Ti with their 7950 XT graphics card rumored to be released this November 2022. NVidia does not have a release date for now with their 4090 Ti and AMD is planning to release their Beast Graphics card earlier to take the lead on sales, performance, independent benchmarks and reputation stating that THEY WILL WIN THE NEXT GENERATION OF GRAPHICS CARD against NVidia.

    The specifications of the Radeon RX7950 XT:

    Navi 31 GPU manufactured on a 5nm node.
    15,360 shaders (two linked chips with a total of 7,680 shaders each).
    2.5 GHz frequency.
    240 calculation units.
    240 cores to accelerate ray tracing.
    256-bit bus.
    32 GB of GDDR6 memory at 21 GHz.
    512 MB of 3D stacked infinite cache.
    500 watt TBP.

    These specifications are only speculation. If you noticed, it is only using GDDR6 memory as oppose to NVidia's GDDR6X memory. Hoping this will be released in late 2022.

    Price Predictions

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  • gadem those prices ^_^
  • gadem those prices ^_^

    Magkano kaya presyo ng kidney ngayon? Hehe
  • AMD Radeon News for AMD Fans, this is good news for you COMING RIGHT UP!
  • Pag na announce na ung gta 6 saka na ako mag upgrade or makakita lang ako ng 20k na 3060ti perf auto buy na.

    Going strong pa naman ung 1070 ko :)
  • skipped RTX 30 series for this, maybe, just maybe and if theres any worthy game worth buying for :D
  • GOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING Personal Computer End Users from normal user up to enthusiast be it a player, hobbyist or a professional.

    Good news to you if you are on the Red Boys Side that is AMD Radeon Graphics cards. The RDNA 3 RX7000 Series, RX 7950 XT Flagship graphics card might be released late December 2022 or Early January 2023 if not, a February 2023 release. This will rival the GeForce RTX 4090 and 4090 Ti. The RTX 4090 might be released early but the 4090 Ti will be released later. Anyway, AMD is planning to seal the deal by trying to take the KING OF GRAPHICS CARD CROWN from NVidia because their match up of RX6000 series versus the RTX 30 Series, the 30 Series of NVidia was the clear winner even if the Radeon RX 6000 is better in some applications and games. Still the RTX 30 Series edge them miles ahead. Now AMD will counter quick against NVidia after NVidia will first release the RTX 4090 by August up to September 2022 this year then AMD will follow up a late 2022 to early 2023 release of their up coming flagship graphics card RX 7950 XT that is significantly faster than the RX 7900. So my advice to people who wants to buy a new graphics card now, better to wait until February 2023 for your future upgrade of your existing PC settings.

    The specifications of the Radeon RX 7950 XT that is only a rumor for now will be having 15,360 RDNA 3 Cores, AN INSANE MASSIVE 32GB Graphics Memory coupled with a 512MB Infinity Cache reaching 2.5 GHz clock speeds and a 500W TBP so you better save up for an 850 to 1,000w Titanium Power Supply. If this is true, the core count of 15,360 is greater than what the RTX 3090 Ti had. Rumor mill running around that the RTX 4090 will have a higher core count at around 18,783 more or less what more if they release the 4090 Ti? But this RX 7950 XT is no couch potato as this is AMD's up coming most powerful flagship graphics card. As the cycle continues, each graphics card regardless of its specifications or which one is faster, one will be always faster depending on the software and games but one will be the better one to use depending on the game and software you are using but the one that will be faster in most games and application software will be considered the KING and winner in this upcoming next generation of graphics cards!

    The RDNA 3 chip is the one that will power the RX 7900 graphics cards. Navi 31 GPU Process is as little as 5nm and its GPU Package is a Multi-Chiplet Die or MCD. Memory Bus is only 256 Bit in contrast to RTX 4090 that is 384 Bit. Memory Type is only GDDR6 but the RTX 4090 will be using a GDDR6X. Again, let me remind you of its 500w TBP so prepare your money to also buy a new power supply if your current power supply cannot handle this. I suggest an 850 to 1,000w Platinum or Titanium 80Plus. The sky high specifications makes you feel like you cannot wait to get your hands on with one of the Radeon RX 7950 XT. IT WILL MAKE YOU SHELL OUT A HUGE AMOUNT OF CASH, "THAT IS A GIVEN"!

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  • damn, di lang mata sumakit, pati wallet hehehe

    hopefully magkaroon ng "entry level" series if they will have one. ^_^

    I have good news about the upcoming new flagship graphics card NVidia GeForce RTX 4090 Ti. According to the trusted source leaker Kopite7Kimi, the 4090 Ti could back 46 to 48GB GDDR6X of VRAM, A TRUE AND MUCH MORE BFGPU than the RTX 4090. B.F.G.P.U means Big Ferocious Graphics Processing Unit as it measures 12 to 13 inches long and is a 3 slot graphics card, it means it will occupy 3 PCI-E slots on your motherboard so no chance of using the other two once its fan cooler blocks it. The Green Boys is designing this graphics card to be using 2 16 Pin Power Supply Connectors. So like I had advice in my posts above if you are planning to buy this graphics card you might need to change your power supply if you are only using a power supply 750w below. I have a feeling that NVidia is putting the AD102 chip into good use. Take this information with both of your hands fingers cross because leaker Kopite7Kimi. This graphics card is said to need a 900w TGP but this is a rumor and too high for a normal end user even for an enthusiast.

    These are all rumors that makes me wonder if there really is this powerful BFGPU that NVidia is working at. According to some rumors in YouTube that the 4090 Ti and RX 7950 XT is really being prepared by NVidia and AMD. We only need to wait for more than 6 months if these NEW ULTIMATE FLAGSHIP GRAPHICS CARDS IS ON ITS WAY TO BE RELEASED!

    The competition between AMD's Radeon RX 7950 XT to be released at the end of 2022 will soon start heat up!

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  • 2024 will be the year I build a new rig so I’ll just be a spectator this upcoming next gen GPU battle between AMD, Nvidia and Intel (if the blue team can even compete with their ARC GPUs).

    Looks like team green and team red are going all out for the performance crown. I’m actually more curious as to how the use of MCD will play out for Radeon. One other hand, perf-per-watt is the metric that I would closely look at with the RTX 40 series. Will the rumored power hungry chips deliver proportionately higher performance relative to their power consumption?
  • Bahala na if mag uupgrade ako to RTX 4000 series or Radeon 7000 series ok pa naman ako sa RTX 3080 12GB ko.

    If makahabol na sa Ray Tracing ang Radeon 7000 series, I might switch to AMD Radeon.
  • Later, the short review post of AMD Radeon RX 6400 and NVidia GeForce RTX 3050. Some of you here just likes to get cheap entry level graphics cards. This post is what you have been waiting for!

    NVidia GeForce RTX 3050 From Gigabyte $300 - $400

    NVidia GeForce RTX 3050 From E.V.G.A $290 to $330


    AMD Radeon RX 6400 From Sapphire $160 to $299

    AMD Radeon RX 6400 From AsRock $170 to $300

  • Quick price update of the NVidia GeForce RTX 40 Series

    NVidia GeForce RTX 40 Series

    GeForce RTX 4060: $329 > January 2023 Unveil probably a February 2023 Release
    GeForce RTX 4070: $499 > December 2022 Release
    GeForce RTX 4080: $699 > November 2022 Release

    GeForce RTX 4090: $1,800 to $1,900 EXPECT A HIGHER PRICE TAG!!!!!!! News in WCCFTech suggested an Early to Late October 2022 release date. NVidia pushed back the release date instead of an August to September 2022 release date.

    Since the release of the RTX 20 Series the first graphics cards to show case Ray Tracing back in 2018, the business strategy of NVidia is to release first the most expensive graphics card and release last their cheapest graphics card! It is better to release first the cheapest for more sales because not everyone have the money to spend $700 or more on a graphics card if you will release the most expensive first rather than releasing first your cheapest graphics card. NVidia did the same back in September 2020 releasing first the RTX 3090 and now history repeats its self by releasing the RTX 4090 first, the most expensive graphics card in their line up and releasing last their cheapest RTX 4060 by early January 2023 next year. The only difference is their cheapest RTX 4060 will be released earlier compared the their 2060 and 3060 that almost take a full year before it gets released after the release of their 3 most expensive graphics cards.

    No news or release date of the Ti or Titanium versions of the 4060, 4070, 4080 and 4090. But I am sure these will be released by March to September 2023 next year. One advice to NVidia, rather than releasing the 4090 Ti after the first release of the RTX 4090 instead release it before the 40 Series gets 1 year old or release it July 2023 next year so the NVidia GeForce fans will not have to wait a few months away once the RTX 50 Series will be released. It is non-sense to get the FLAGSHIP MOST EXPENSIVE GRAPHICS CARD if the new generation will be released a few months away after its release that will be triple its power of the current generation. DID ANYONE OF YOU GET MY POINT? Stop being a "quick cash grab" NVidia!
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  • LOL alang katapusan pabago bagong upgrade,,,good for new pc build, but for upgrading from 30 series, think 1st,and check what are new ?is it worth it? hehehehe kung marami kang moolah no problem that's your money,,pero kung youre thinking wisely is it worth it nga ba(MONEY)? your choice it's a free democratic country,walang pinag kaiba sa ibang gamit ,bago nga lang mas bago mas better.
    just Read and learn and play and fun that's all hehehehe
  • ok, so this is it,,, wala pa naman lumalabas , so can you elaborate more , what are the latest about the new rtx 400 series and amd rx 7000, no review yet, hinde pa lumalabas,so its all new, wala pang meron item nato,,,

    maraming me gusto syiempre bago, mas bago mas astig (pananaw)
    remember kung maraming moolah ok lang ,pwero kung sa mga katulad kong walang pang upgrade tyaga muna kung anong meron ako, not all can afford ,maganda kung merong bago, ang problema yung pang upgrade kung meron,

    kaya me amd kasi lalabanan yung green team and mas affordable kesa sa kabila,

    matagal ng ganyan yan 2 yan,

    dati dos panga eh,wala naman mga graphics graphics, green monitor palang
    autoexec.bat configuration etc etc etc.. hanggang mauso nanga yan

    eh pina uso ni bill gates ang windows
    ayun duun na

    sino ba yumaman? kayu? hinde tayu ang nauto kasi gusto nila mag upgrade kayu ,para kumita sila,

    gusto mo maganda diba? oh di bumile ka ng bago ,ang tanung me pambile? kung wala ,nga nga nalang

    opps sorry ha nagsasabi lang ako ng tutuu,,at yan ay opinion ko lang,

    kayu what can you say about it?

    oh ayan ha para lang me pagusapan
  • buti pa mag sony playstation nalang ,wala pang sakit ng ulo, plug and play,,oh eto balik ako sa ps5 dahil sa granturismo, diba me 4k na ps5 ,ano pa hanap ng gusto mo? gusto mo magandang graphics? kumuha ka ng magandang monitor para itapat sa bagong graphics card, mamuhunan ka duun,, para sa akin sa monitor ako mammumuhunan kesa upgrade ako ng upgrade graphics na walang katapusan,,,,

    gusto ko and nyo maganda diba? check 4k thread , ganda nga ng graphics card mo ,,eh monitor mo ano?saan kaba nakaka kita sa graphics card ba or sa monitor hehehehehhehehehe syiempre sa mata hahahahaha
  • axelangelPSMOC007

    THANK YOU SIR! Planning to not upgrade but to assemble a new storage PC this late December 2022. If Intel Thirteenth Generation CPU will be released then it is logical to assemble a new Personal Computer with the new generation of Graphics card and with the newest DDR5 and a new motherboard of the Z690 Chipset LGA 1700. I hope the M.2 slots will be now PCIE 5.0 and the PCIE slots will all become 5.0. But the news said that PCIE 5.0 and M.2 slots PCIE 5.0 will be all released the way I want by 2024. Nonetheless, I want to see new motherboard features on the Z690 chipset.
  • axelangelPSMOC007

    I will be posting new news later sir, so see you! BOOK MARK MY THREAD WILL YOU!

    Time to go outside.
  • @pc

    ahh so your planning to build pala,,,check muna budget kuya, then kung me question about sa mga gusto mong ilagay sa pc built mo, you can check sa thread kung saan me mga kasama tayung tumutulong(like fakuryu) kung how much budget ang kaya mong mag build

    check mo din amd i think tinalo na nila intel sa speed ,and much cheaper and amd build ,not so sure about it,,

    madami yan ,...pc case ,ram, ssd, power supply graphics card etc..kung ano pa ng gusto mo,, like rgb lightnings pang paganda ng system build mo,speakers ? ask me ill give u tip

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  • me point si sir angel. eto happy parin sa 10xx series gpu, considering to upgrade pero kaya pa naman din laruin mga latest games.

    pag umusok or hindi na gumagana ito saka nalang mag upgrade.. or Playstation+4K monitor nalang soon <3

    Welcome Back!