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DC Inverter Ref Pro's & Con's Thread

  • As requested by some members let us start a DC Inverter Ref Pro's & Con's discussion thread.
  • Samsung Inverter Ref namin, 5 years na, Solid pa din, Walang issue.
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  • LG inverter ref no problems din. 5years plus na.

    Currently naman Condura bottom freezer inverter namin mag 3 years na din. Zero maintenance and frost.
  • NICE!
    now time to plan for our 12year old Condura that's slowly decaying
    are here Inverter condura's out there? how's the reliability?
  • My share.

    Samsung RT35 no frost twin cooling model 13cuf. Average power consumption is 100w:

    Bought second hand but under warranty last 2007. Only problem encountered was icing on the bottom (ref) evaporator which was caused by the door left ajar letting humidity in. DIY fixed using a hair dryer and mild soap and water. Still running 24x7 as of writing.

    Pros: BIG and deep freezer kahit top mounted. Freezer can also be converted into refrigerator mode if needed. Separate temp settings and separate evaporators for freezer and ref. Pansin ko kasi sa mga top mounted frostt free eh models medyo shallow yung freezer dahil sa evaporator and blower assembly sa likod. Ambilis din mag freeze. Bottled drinks turn rock hard frozen in less than 1.5 hours.

    Cons: Medyo may kataasan konsumo for an inverter model but still consumes less than my previous 9cuf na maya't maya kelangan mag defrost. Wala ilaw sa freezer.

    Condura 9.5cuf frost free bottom freezer model. Bought bnew around November 2019. Average power consumption is 55-65w!

    Pros: Has the highest EER in its class. Big freezer with 3 shelves. Pwede separate ang meat, fish and dairy.

    Cons: Small vegetable tray. Limited egg tray shelf. Water door shelf limited to very slim water containers. Wala din ilaw freezer.

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