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DC Inverter Ref Pro's & Con's Thread

  • As requested by some members let us start a DC Inverter Ref Pro's & Con's discussion thread.
  • Samsung Inverter Ref namin, 5 years na, Solid pa din, Walang issue.
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  • LG inverter ref no problems din. 5years plus na.

    Currently naman Condura bottom freezer inverter namin mag 3 years na din. Zero maintenance and frost.
  • NICE!
    now time to plan for our 12year old Condura that's slowly decaying
    are here Inverter condura's out there? how's the reliability?
  • My share.

    Samsung RT35 no frost twin cooling model 13cuf. Average power consumption is 100w:

    Bought second hand but under warranty last 2007. Only problem encountered was icing on the bottom (ref) evaporator which was caused by the door left ajar letting humidity in. DIY fixed using a hair dryer and mild soap and water. Still running 24x7 as of writing.

    Pros: BIG and deep freezer kahit top mounted. Freezer can also be converted into refrigerator mode if needed. Separate temp settings and separate evaporators for freezer and ref. Pansin ko kasi sa mga top mounted frostt free eh models medyo shallow yung freezer dahil sa evaporator and blower assembly sa likod. Ambilis din mag freeze. Bottled drinks turn rock hard frozen in less than 1.5 hours.

    Cons: Medyo may kataasan konsumo for an inverter model but still consumes less than my previous 9cuf na maya't maya kelangan mag defrost. Wala ilaw sa freezer.

    Condura 9.5cuf frost free bottom freezer model. Bought bnew around November 2019. Average power consumption is 55-65w!

    Pros: Has the highest EER in its class. Big freezer with 3 shelves. Pwede separate ang meat, fish and dairy.

    Cons: Small vegetable tray. Limited egg tray shelf. Water door shelf limited to very slim water containers. Wala din ilaw freezer.

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  • considering an Inverter Condura then since our very old condura has shown it's quality over the years, i hope it's the same with their inverter model.
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  • If you're looking for plentiful brand lineup of Inverter Ref, checkout Ansons Cash & Carry Makati. Competitive din yun price nila for it. Eto yun Ansons na sinasabi ko sa other thread na halos puro inverter ref na ang merchandise. We've been there last March lang.
  • Samsung inverter ref 12cuft bought 9 years ago from Ans*ns Makati. No issues or repairs so far. Makes ice in 2 hrs. no frost freezer.
    Annoying lang yung vegetable crisper/drawer di nagsli-slide smoothly pag binubuksan. Samsung's plastics seem a bit thinner than other models.

    Other than that, bawi na sa initial cost kasi it saves almost 1k sa monthly electricity bill. We donated the old ref sa church para magamit pa din pero ang lakas ng konsumo sa kuryente.

    If your household is more than 3 people and you have the space for it, go for the biggest size you can afford and fit inside your kitchen. Minsan napupuno yung fridge namin kahit 3 lang kami sa bahay (we cook 3-4x weekly). If hindi naman kayo madalas magluto, then probably a smaller capacity will do.

    if you have elderly parents, do consider din a bottom freezer model for them instead of the top one for easier access.

    Cons: so far wala pa naman kaming problem sa ref.

    If you're planning to buy sa Ans0ns, ask for a discount sa cash or straight charge then saka mo i-convert to installment sa bank app mo (if it has that feature). Ask to speak to the manager.

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  • woah! seriously? so Samsungs ref is different from their aircon or even TV's that had a few(lots) of complains from users
    gaya ng monitor ko na less than two years at yung aircon namin na laging nasa repair shop.

    Will consider that those last long with minimal maintenance & repair
    thanks for the input.
  • I second the motion sa quality ng plastics ng Samsung refs. Madami nang cracks yung vegetable tray nung RT35 ko, buti na lang ubra ang cloth duct tape. Kabado rin ako sa plastic nung chiller tray.
  • And yes, tama yung biggest capacity possible. Sobrang big deal sa amin especially yung quick freezing capability niya. Nakakapag store ng breast milk yung wife ko effectively because of it.
  • ^^ Di ba? Kala ko ako lang nakakapansin. Everytime may kukunin ako sa vegetable drawer, parang madudurog pag ibinalik eh. May lumalagutok. It slides on plastic grooves lang. Yung iba kasi parang naka-drawer slides. :p

    If cost were relatively the same (or say 1-3k difference), I'd choose better and sturdier plastics inside the ref, storage capacity plus a higher EER rating. Longer wararnty also helps give peace of mind. That time kasi (2013) yung Samsung lang was the best choice for us considering the capacity. Di pa ganun kadami inverter models noon, di tulad ngayon halos lahat ng brand may inverter models na.

    Bit OT, haven't had problems with our old Samsung monitors before. Sila na lang kusang bumigay sa katandaan hehe.
  • Looking for recommendations po.
    Eyeing out for a single door (5-7cu.ft) ref. Currently yung LG GR-Y331SLZB pa lang option.
    Small household lang at hindi naman din need sobrang laki. Max ~12-15k budget.
  • ready to replace our 12 yearl old condura with an Inverter Type, is there are site that can show yung mga laging may RMA na inverter since prone talaga mga ito sa damage dahil sa electronic parts nito tapos panay brownout or unstable supply sa atin.

    ILang taon na ang inverter ref nyo?
  • 7 years and still going strong. Had to clean its lower blower assembly once kasi nagyelo yung secondary evaporator nung nag stuck yung fan. No costs incurred.

    Samsung RT35 dual zone cooling. Samsung has sh*tty plastics especially the vegetable tray. Puro cloth tape na yung sa akin.
  • Panasonic Inverter here - with 4 years+, no frills, no fuss.
  • Samsung bottom freezer inverter,
    9 years counting. some minor clog issues, nothing more. naka ilang lipat narin ng bahay. from our smallest apartment hanggang dito sa bahay na sarili namin.

    been tempted to replace it with a 2 door freezer, just bought chest freezer instead.
  • thanks guys, i'm leaning on the Pana bottom freezer sana
    Panasonic NR-BV320XSPH - any users po nito?
  • Advisable ba ang AVR sa mga inverter refrigerator?
  • awakeruze Send Message View User Items on 11 Jul 23 @ 08:50 AM #
    Advisable ba ang AVR sa mga inverter refrigerator?

    siguro,,,, para doon sa mga lugar na hindi stable ang voltage input like provinces.
    here in the metro, for decades never we used AVR with all of our inverter frigde. wala naman naging problema.
  • up lang po. checking for a good 7 cu ft 2 door inverter ref. baka po meron kayong ma recommend based on experience