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Steam Deck

  • could this be the ultimate handheld gaming device? for now? compared to the Aya Neo2

    what's your take on the control positions?

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  • All the reviews I've read mention the short battery life as its biggest drawback.
  • paid for mine last Jul29 for the 512GB model, and i have a 1TB microsd already available. just waiting for the actual steam deck itself. im a casual console handheld gamer - PS4, PSP , Vita. This will be my first take on PC gaming, pwera na lang kung isasama ko yung late 90s / early 2000s gaming na mostly DOS games like Warcraft then Win98/XP games like Red Alert2, Diaboo Ii, Age of Empires II.

    Sa steam deck mostly SFIV, City Skylines, then emulators NES SNES GENESIS MAME PS1 PS2 DREAMCAST and Switch naman. excited for this! shipping soon ang status so hopefully in the next few days or weeks makuha ko na

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  • ^suggest getting a separate controller for fighting games. Lakas sa wear and tear on both pad and buttons
  • yes gonna use a DS4 for it.
  • its here! 512GB Steam Deck.
    heres my timeline -
    July 18 2021 - reservation
    July 29 2022 - paid in full
    Aug 02 2022 - tracking number received
    Aug 04 2022 - fedex delivered the item

    di ko pa nakakalikot. planning to install Windows, tweak, customize then clone it as backup. then install games. busy sa work di pa makalikot. baka sa weekend
  • Would love to grab one, sadly hindi available sa region ko

  • dumating din. buti nalang yung tipid version ang napili ko. madali lang pala iupgrade internal storage and joysticks :D
  • uy SFV! tara laro!

  • Steam Deck is a PC, so lets treat it like a PC!
    downloading torrents straight from the deck while in game mode. This is very minimal and efficient (depends on how you look at it) as this are just command line tools.
    I just use my phone / regular laptop to download a .torrent file and then use scp to transfer it to the deck. the deck then automatically downloads the rest of the torrent an saves it to the microsd card!
    once the download is done, i can use unrar / unzip to extract them and move them over to the desired location.
    high level steps -
    disable read-only mode
    initialize pacman
    install rtorrent and screen via pacman
    this is the same setup i use on my regular torrent seedbox. so now i have a portable seedbox!

  • got a baseus USB C hub for my Steam Deck and it works. 1080p 60Hz connected to 4K TV. PC gaming on the go, and kapag nasa bahay connected sa big screen. solb!
  • so far, happy rin ako sa deck. very enjoyable ang ni no kuni :)

    medyo disappointing lang performance pag naka hook up na sa external tv. noticeable ang graphics lag ng apu kahit x720 lang ang res. lalo na kung idagdag pa high latency ng tv and bt controllers. anyway, di naman sya ganung kalaking issue since portability ang main objective ng deck
  • ^ OK naman sa experience ko. using 1080p nakakonek sa 1080p TV. docked mode and from time to time portable