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Steam Deck

  • ^ yes pag pinindot mo power habang naglalaro e mag standby mode sya, then pag pinindot mo uli e back to gaming siya just where you left off. about trackpad, medyo clunky yung mouse tracking at positioning, i dont know, baka malaki lang daliri ko or pasmado na ata kamay ko kakalaro hehe :D
  • yung 512gb version asa 36.5k na lang sa isang suking tindahan (hint: may branches sya sa major malls, may sarili sya website at may virtual stores din sa fave online shops)

    not getting why a lot of pinoys are ditching their SDs. community behind it is just awesome and you have lots of modz to play around with, physical or software-wise. is it coz pipol would prefer sumthin that just works and no tinkering?
  • ^ im not ditching mine, in fact i have two steamdecks :D
  • Muntik na ako kumagat dito sa Deck nung sale.

    P22k yung 64GB
    P25.8 yung 256GB

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  • @XtraRice
    ano pumigil syo, men? legit nman yang seller na yan
  • If you have a credit card, mas malaki ung nakukuhang discount sa laza** pag nataon na may magandang promo ung cc. Si Shop** kasi only allows you choose 1 voucher while Laza** lets you combine vouchers, free shipping and credit card discounts. Dati nga pwede voucher discount AND cashback at the same time.
  • @XtraRice good deal na yan. Gamit na gamit ko yung Steam Deck ko, very happy with it. For the price sobrang sulit. Pati PS5 and Xbox nalalaro ko via remote play. Yung trackpads at first parang gimmick lang, pero sobrang useful pala. I’m using it as a radial menu for a lot of games. Pinaka sulit is yung 64gb then upgrade to 2TB for 8k. Then replace the thermal paste to PTM7950 while you’re in there.

    Pati mga nephew ko enjoy sa Steam Deck. Every Sunday dala ko Steam Deck, dock, 2 bluetooth controllers. Laro sila splitscreen sa TV or kahit nakapatong lang sa dock.

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  • @maxq

    Yep, kilala ko naman yung store, pero yung main game na gusto ko sana laruin sa Deck is Genshin Impact which is not natively supported sa SteamOS dahil sa anti-cheat nya. May work around naman kaso may possibility kasi na ma-ban.
  • ^ ahsee. have a friend in the office who plays genshin on her Deck using the non-Windows install workaround. ala pa naman ako narinig sa kanya na na-ban sya. to each his own though...

    andun din ata si seller sa Laz 'di ba?

    curious lang:
    1. since docked ka na, why not hook it up to a tv or bigger screen for split screen?
    2. locally available yang 2tb ssd na 8k? anong brand?

    +1 on the trackpads. started learning to use these recently on fps games like doom et, overwatch, borderlands and i think i'm getting close to an android-touchscreen experience. hoping ma-integrate ko pa gyro functionality if my aging eyes and hands permit :)

    ditto on the honeywell thermal pad too. that + older version of jsaux backplate + newer cooling fan = happily cooled camper here
  • @maxq,

    Yup normally hooked up to the TV yung steam deck pag split screen. When I took the photo, kakadating ko lang and kinulit na ako ng nephews ko maglaro so hindi ko pa na hook up sa TV. I have a couple of Airsky docks from D@tablitz kasi cheapest siya, 1,1k lang. Regarding the SSD, yes meron locally available, I got my 2TB WD SN740 from L@zada. Pl@yers V@ault yung name ng local seller, mabilis sila mag ship. Right now 8,1k pero may cashback rin sa shop nila so mas mura pa pag combined with vouchers.

    Pansin ba yung cooling differrence with the jsaux v1 backplate? Thinking of getting one also.
  • ^ 3-5° depending on the game. most reviews are spot on. even bigger gains is lower internal fan speeds. oks sana yung newer version pero i'm concerned about the other critical parts (like vrams) not getting enough ventilation, as pointed out by cryobyte

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  • my super duper enormous steam game library in my steamdeck :) every gamer's desire :D

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  • Been enjoying my basic steamdeck with 512gb sd card since getting it last xmas. And im already considering getting a 2nd one seeing how fast the price of it drops.
  • Bought Steam Deck Oled.

    Playing GTA 5 Portable on ultra settings! (40 to 60 fps). :D

    And Bethesda RPG's Game on the go!

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  • San po merong OLED?
  • overpriced parin ba steamdeck oled?,hehe
    san kaya ok na bumili?
  • Ask ko lang kung nag power bank kayo sa steam deck? Bilis kasi malobat diba mga tol? 2hrs lang ata max pag nag lalaro triple A.

    Balak ko pa naman puro dota 2 at counter strike 2, mabilis din ba malobat yun?

    Balak ko sana non oled para tipid.

    Mahirap din ba mag repair pag me sira? Wala pa ata nag repair dito?

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  • Thanks for sharing your experience! Standby mode on power press sounds handy. ???? About the trackpad, maybe it takes some getting used to. Enjoy your gaming sessions!
  • @redwarriors1994

    Honestly, I never had the need to use a power bank; I'm like tied to a power source 95%, even while waiting in a car. But if your use case is to be away from an outlet then I would suggest getting a power bank.

    Go OLED as it has better battery life and its worth it.

    There are people offering repair services already.

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