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Nvidia Ada Lovelace: GeForce RTX 40-Series (No Trading/No Mentioning of Sellers)

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    Like I said from the previous posts, the RTX 4000 series is crap much like the 2000 series before. I think if we go by intel's previous tick-tock mantra, the said crap series fall to the "tock" episodes. XD

    Most likely the RTX 5000 series will be the release where Nvidia learned its mistakes XD
  • It's about positioning/naming and pricing. Dapat RTX 4050/ti itong 4060ti, same goes with 4070 as 4060/ti dapat and the 4080 being the actual 4070
  • Basically RTX 3070 > 4060 Ti > 3060 Ti

    thank you sa insight, sir BCFreeman
  • oh man, ada lovelace is so dead, nvidia and its partners doesn't even want to promote the upcoming RTX 4060 Ti 16GB
  • Kawawa yung mga uninformed Custom built PC buyers dito sa pina, yung mga kamote na shop, 4060 TI 8GB yung nilalagay XD
  • 2070 to 3070 >> 35% performance increase
    3070 to 4070 >> 18% performance increase with a US$100 price increase

    This sums up why the RTX 4000 series is so wrong.
  • I still can't get over dun sa pricing ng 4060 Ti for 8GB/16GB variants. they are lower class cards in a higher-class pricing.
  • I still can't get over dun sa pricing ng 4060 Ti for 8GB/16GB variants. they are lower class cards in a higher-class pricing.

    Actually, both the 3060 ti 8gb and the 4060 ti 8gb are priced the same at launch (US$ 399). Problem is that the performance increase from the 3060 ti to the 4060 ti is only half that of from 2060 super to the 3060 ti. In short, same price but lower performance increase. However, you're getting DLSS3 with frame generation so it might still be worth it but 8gb vram might not be enough anymore. Maybe wait for the 16gb variant instead.
  • Hi,

    Planning to upgrade my GPU this incoming months, kaso sa sobrang daming negative feedback ng NVIDIA 40 series, better to skip nalang ba and stay with 30 series? 3080 TI 12 GB is the best safe for years to pass i think sa 30 series ng card due to vram, other ones are 8 GB na lang. My rig is also for gaming/productivity so kaya medyo sad, need ko mag stick kay NVIDIA due to cuda cores and productivity boosts na inooffer ng cards nila.

    Although na hohook ako sa 40 series due to lower wattage and possibly slightly sa DLSS 3 nila? (alam naman natin kasing napakamahal ng kuryente sa pilipinas so this is an advantage) which I think many games will also support in the future. but medyo conflicted ako, any sugesstions? gustong gusto ko na lumipat sa AMD but the productivity support is very minimal sa cards nila.
  • @hatdoge

    If you're looking for 3080 ti level of performance, you should consider the 4070 ti instead. I think both cards are currently priced at the same price range with the 4070 ti having the advantage of consuming less electricity. The 4070 ti is also slightly faster than the 3080 ti and both have the same amount of vram which is 12gb. The 4070 ti also has DLSS3 with frame generation which some current and more future games will support. The only drawback of the 4070 ti is its much higher price compared to the previous generation 3070 ti.
  • there is no bad card, only bad prices
  • @chert1024akaMojo

    Actually sir hindi ako naka target kay 4070 ti. 4070 is the one na dapat bibilhin ko kasi kaya ng range ng budget ko of 40k. pero going beyond that, hard pass na ako sir. 3080ti 2nd hand market is my next target since below 40k yung mga prices nila, kaya im considering only on that range. But ayun nga, the price is not worth it because halos same perf lang daw sila and as you said sir, slight faster lang sa 3080 si 4070ti. so yes. Very conflicting indeed kung rather stay with 30 series 2nd hand market muna.
  • @hatdoge

    The 4070 is certainly not worth it just like I said in one of my posts above. Also, the 3080 ti is faster (around 16%) than the 4070. Good luck finding a 3080 ti in the second hand market.
  • i can consider the 4070 on my end as long as it continues to drop in price hehe (parang slightly bumaba na ibang 4070 sa hub). Anything higher (or older RTX 30 series) then id be probably looking at upgrading my 650W PSU unless i do some undervolting
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  • ^ wow, 5xxxx series just made the 4xxx series like WinME & Win 8. waiting for what its worth.
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  • Sinubukan ko yung DLSS 3.7 Preset E. Okay din pala. Sharper na siya pero minimal pa rin yung shimmering at ghosting.