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Nvidia Ada Lovelace: GeForce RTX 40-Series (No Trading/No Mentioning of Sellers)

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    Like I said from the previous posts, the RTX 4000 series is crap much like the 2000 series before. I think if we go by intel's previous tick-tock mantra, the said crap series fall to the "tock" episodes. XD

    Most likely the RTX 5000 series will be the release where Nvidia learned its mistakes XD
  • It's about positioning/naming and pricing. Dapat RTX 4050/ti itong 4060ti, same goes with 4070 as 4060/ti dapat and the 4080 being the actual 4070
  • Basically RTX 3070 > 4060 Ti > 3060 Ti

    thank you sa insight, sir BCFreeman