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Intel 13th Gen Raptor Lake (LGA 1700)

  • insights from WikiChip about RPL:

    What caught my attention was the rapid development timeline which has allowed Intel to stay competitive with AMD's momentum with Zen.
  • Ang bilis

  • Mukhang hindi problem yung BIOS update for older boards according to TechPowerUp. Kung matino pricing ng 13600K magandang alternative siya for mid to high end gaming with B660/Z690 + DDR4 3600 RAM.
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  • Impressive performance pero pansin ko lang sa ibang reviews, hindi enforced yung power limits ng Intel sa mga motherboards unlike sa Zen 4 AM5 na enforced yung PPT limits sa motherboard. I understand na policy ng reviewers na yung out of the box settings ang ginagamit nila. Just a thought lang.

    Siguro katulad ng dating gens ng Intel CPUs, kailangan ng RPL pa yung tuning sa voltage at power limits to get the best efficiency out of it.

    Pagdating sa day-to-day use and gaming hindi naman siguro na laging naka sagad yung TDP utilization although requirement na rin siguro na naka 360 AIO yung mga mag 13900K/KF. Baka custom loop na kailangan para doon sa 13900KS.

    As with ADL, you can get the best out of RPL when paired with fast DDR5 memory. Pag mabilis yung mems, natatapatan nila pati yung 5800X3D sa gaming.

    Overall, mukhang panalo yung 13600K.

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  • ^Medyo unfair yung benchmarks sa LTT, mas mabilis yung Raptor Lake memory compared sa Zen 4 in the guise of using manufacturer recommended setup lol.

    Malaking advantage talaga yung platform cost ng Raptor Lake compared sa Zen 4. Sigurado naman may in-depth na magtetest ng DDR5 vs DDR4 kaya hintay nalang if ever nasa 30k yung budget mo for mobo + CPU.

    Anyway, mas trusted yung review ng GN for Intel, kahit hindi default setting ng mobo sinusunod parin nila yung PL1 & PL2 guidelines ng Intel for Rocket Lake dati & same DDR5 memory gamit for Raptor Lake & Zen 4.

    Kung totoo rumors about 13400(rebadged 12600k) baka okay rin siya for mainstream gaming & Zen 4 3D naman for high end, sabay siguro sila ilalabas early next year. More choices for consumers :)

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  • Nasa 19.5k local price ng 13600k. Mukhang solid na choice instead of 7600x & 7700x pero may rumor na ng 7700 non-x for AMD coming, maganda yung competition for CPU market.

  • selling my 12700 over the 13700k a good idea?

    Any 12th gen owners making the jump to 13th or are you going to stay on the "old" cpu? Reasons for upgrading?
  • Will Upgrade my 12900K to 13900K because I needed more cores. Kinda Dissapointed that there is no new HEDT news for both Intel and AMD.
  • using 13700k now ok naman kaso wala pa ko gpu to compare it my old 12600k and 12700k. stress test sa cr r23 93 degrees max at hyte y60 at 22 ambient temps. nadoble pa ko ng bili kasi kf una kong nabili it seems nagsusulputan na din mga stocks
  • will check for 13400f for my 2nd rig, kung worth it ang jump kung sa terms sa gaming
  • For me I actually went with a 12100F temporarily while waiting for the non-K 13th gen parts to be released. I don't see that much bottlenecks with an RTX 3070 playing in 1440p UW.

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  • My i9 13900K has arrived. Will be reusing my Z690 Maximus Formula Motherboard. I Hope that 4 sticks of 6400 will be stable. On 12900K I can only do 4 sticks of 5600.

  • mamaw sir odellot, always lurking sa build mo and collections super nice :)
  • Just finished installing my I9 13900K. So far so good can't believe 4 sticks of 6400 is stable. Huge improvement for me vs my 12900K and also beats my Threadripper @ 4.1ghz.

    Had to change my Cooler to Galahad 360mm because the Pump of my Ryujin II 360 died.

    Stock Settings for my System for now except enabling XMP 6400 for my Ram.

  • so new gen Intel boards are no longer having issues with 4 sticks of ram. That's good news for content creators.
  • ^

    I'm still using my old motherboard. Asus Z690 Maximus Formula. So I don't think you need Z790 for the improve memory Support. It may be from the 13th Gen's improve memory controller.

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  • Forgot to post these info about my 13900K..

  • Not planned but I got a 13700K with a new mobo and DDR5 6000 CL36 16GB x2 kit. Feeling ko kasi bote yung 12700K doon sa 4090.

    Mukhang talo ako sa silicon lottery doon sa memory controller ng 13700K. Hindi stable yung XMP 6000MT/s CL 36. Napilitan ako ibaba to 5800MT/s para maging stable. hehe

    Anyway, mainit nga siya at stock even with Intel limits enforced sa BIOS. Around 98C at 269W sa CB R23 multi ang peak pero hindi ko napansin na nag throttle yung 5.3GHz all P-core and 4.2GHz E-core. Using a Noctua NH-D15 air cooler btw.

    Nag conservative negative offset ako ng 50mV doon sa adaptive voltage VF-curve points #11, #10,#9, #8, #7 and #6. Bumaba yung peak temp by about 8C at yung power by 30W. So far stable siya.



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  • CB R23 multi score @ stock clocks is in line with the reviews and other users despite having the security mitigations enabled pero hmmm, mas mabilis pa pala siya sa 32-core/64-thread Threadripper:

    Ang biggest difference na napansin ko ay nag improve yung 1% lows ko sa BF 2042 at parang nawala yung CPU bottleneck kasi umaabot na sa 80-100% gpu utilization sa game with solid >100fps. Sa previous CPU, around 60-80% lang GPU utilization at fluctuating yung fps sa 70 to 90.

    Ok din temps ng 13700K pag idle/normal desktop use nasa 30-40C tapos sa gaming nasa 55-67C lang.

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  • @MrBungle

    Still using the Noctuas on the 13700k?
  • @ccl2003

    Yup. I'm using the Noctua with the 13700K.