I'm fairly new into PC building so forgive me if I'm not able to provide all the necessary information.

PC parts going into the build (that are related to my question):
Mobo - ROG strix x570-F
Case - NZXT H9 Elite Premium Dual-Chamber Mid-Tower Airflow Case (includes 3 NZXT F120 RGB Duo)
AIO cooler - NZXT Kraken 360 RGB 360MM AIO Liquid Cooler With LCD Display & RGB Fans
Fans - 1x NZXT F120 RGB Duo 3 pack (3 on the bottom) and 1x NZXT F120 RGB Duo single (at the back)

Issue - what is the best way to connect all 10 fans to work properly. I know that the AIO and NZXT F120 3 pack each come with their own controller. But still not exactly sure how to make it all connect together with the mobo. I've seen some posts mention ARGB vs RGB, Fan hubs vs controllers and I'm not familiar with their differences and functions.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.