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Issues Connecting Tenda Router

  • Hi All.

    I am trying to connect a Tenda AC23 (AC2100) Router as a separate network to a Converge EG8145V5 modem however it is not getting and IP address. Either it's getting disconnected or I am getting an error: "No response from the remote server."

    It's connected over LAN cable.

    Tried to do DHCP or even Static IP using the LAN IP range of the Converge modem but it's the same issue.

    Restarted both the modem and the router and even reset the router, same issue still.

    When connecting the same LAN cable to a laptop though, it works just fine.

    Is there a setting I still need to change on the modem or router side? or am I doing something wrong?

  • highly likely that the lan subnet of the modem is the same as the tenda

    you can try changing the lan subnet of the tenda or from modem lan port connect to tenda lan port, then disable dhcp on tenda and assign ip.
  • Found out that the Tenda router is working fine when using another but shorter UTP cable (originally using a CAT 6 cable but 30meters in length) so it could really be the cable that's the issue.

    I still would like to use the same 30m cable though and will probably just install new rj45s (I just don't want to run another 30m of cable, lots of work).

    My question though is that why is my laptop able to connect to the internet using the 30m cable but not the router. Is there any difference?